Friday, June 22, 2012


It's 4.26am on a Friday morning and less than 3 days to my Mid Year Common Tests, but honestly, fuck it. So I neglected my blog for nearly 3 weeks, and I honestly couldn't forgive myself. LOL don't ask. I feel uncomfortable whenever I couldn't find time to blog, thus resulting in me blogging at this unearthly hour when I should be asleep. Couldn't fall asleep as well, cos my body clock is that fucked up. Sighs, I'm sooooo screwed. But anyways, I kinda regretted not enjoying my holidays more...well at least I went overseas! 

I've been going out more as exams are nearing. I even found time to exercise! Just lost all the incentives and motivations to work hard all of a sudden, especially when Zhigang is constantly harping in my ear "It's only 15%", reminding me that MYCT only constitutes 15% of the promos examination. HAHA.

So just one day after I came back from Malaysia, my girls asked me to join them to study at The Cathay. And we're so cute we even had a dress code! HAHAHA, the dress code was dresses/skirts. Most of my dresses are kinda formal, so I wore a skirt. OK the skirt didn't even belong to me, it was Xinlerk's but she NEVER wore it before. What a waste when she clearly knows I LOVE highwaisteds.  I love highwaist shorts, jeans, skirts, ANYTHING. HAHA, because I secretly believes it enhances the length of my legs. Ok can.

 Vivian's moment.
 Tessa's moment.
 Joey's moment.
 Queenie's moment.
Apparently we care about whose in the centre of attention LOL. We're so cute.
Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY, notices Vivian's bag on the floor. OK
 Vivian and I, I TOTALLY OWNED HER HEELS, not.
 Queenie and I
 Joey and I
Tessa and I

And I didn't manage to look glam like this the entire day cos look at the photo below...
At least I look happy, right?

So the other night I was webcamming with Runfa cos he put my aeroplane for not waking up in time to have breakfast with me. And to compensate me for that, he sang Call Me Maybe. HAHAHA ok I made that up. But he did pissed me off for ditching me halfway to webcam another girl. What kind of brother is this.

SO YESTERDAYYYY, I had lunch with my family! Yes, one whole family! HEHEH I was really happy because my entire family hardly ever goes out together. Most of the time one of us, three sisters, will be busy and my father will ALWAYS be left out. HAHAHA WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS duh.
I swear I had no intentions to strangle my bro! I love you xiangxiang <3
Cuteness overload at the lil guy in the middle.
Mommy love this photo of us.
I personally think this is too cute. HAHAHA lil bro's expression when we wanna kiss him.
HAHAHA we all have different expressions here! 

You know what I'm gonna end my blog post here cos Xintien wanna sleep and I don't wanna be alone outside. SOOO CIAOS <3

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