Thursday, May 31, 2012

And when I'm alone, I think of how much I miss you.

So yayyy I'm back, and please don't mind me (esp if you've already checked out my facebook) cos I'm gonna grab some pics off facebook to blog about it. And I have super many things to blog about and I'm gonna blame it on my laziness for having to clump everything into one blog post. HAHA.

I'm gonna start from last Friday, 25 May. But before that, have I mentioned anything about my chinese oral? I swearrrr I finally realised how important HMT is, especially after getting into AJC because they make chinese such a bore and pain in the ass! Our chinese oral is held in such a way that we have to find the teacher ourselves, and whether the teacher is free during the time when you're free is another issue. The teacher will NOT make time for you, so it's YOUR responsibility to try to squeeze into any time slot for the teacher. All these makes me feel as though the teacher won't care if you did it well enough or not, they just wanna deliver the info and details that they're told to deliver and get it over and done with. Seriously, it's too vast a difference compared to secondary school. And during my chinese oral, I only prepared the topic on 'movies', so I memorized "The Vow" in chinese and I think I deserve a standing ovation for that. 

Paige's vow:
I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home. 

HAHAHA it's not easy man! But yeah...I didn't get a standing ovation. Cool cool, I get why chinese is so disregarded now.

Cross Country + Army Open House + KTV with teammates + Steamboat at Q's crib! 
(Friday, 25 May)

It's the last day of Term 2, I remember we were all so excited about it but the teachers just had to ruin it a little. Our normal reporting school time was 7.25am, so that's from woodlands to yiochukang for me. And on this day, we had to report to Stadium at 7.30am! Imagine the amount of sleep I sacrificed to be on time for cross country. And it's not really a cross country btw, it's like 3km for girls. In fact, it's not even cross woodlands.
Me, Vivian, Weisze and her friend!
We look like we're camwhoring with the street lamp. LOOOOL
 Tessa's friend, Tessa, Vivian, Xinyi, me and Weisze.
Yeah we didn't even run for more than 100m, but yes we did run! At the first part just to make sure we won't be the last one, eventhough we're hmm near the last ones. LOL after that we just walked all the way. Kinda fun just chatting about random stuffs and singing along to any songs on shuffle on weisze's playlist. Of course, one of us will definitely say "Eh, quite fast ah." And vivian's favourite reply will be "COS WE TALK!" HAHAHA forever.
 We get to enjoy really nice scenery while strolling. HEHE
Final destination: Marina Barrage!
HAHA no idea who came up with this pose but we did it anyway.
Failed jump shot and I've no idea why my legs looked so tan here. 
YAY successful jump shot only at the second try!
Class photo with 30/12 and Ms Ruth Tan.
She's a really nice PD tutor, so lucky to have her.
Icecream after cross country on a hot hot day is <3
Yay my new boyfriend. HAHAHA perfect height siah. 
I screamed when someone pulled the trigger of the rifle... 
I hope you can tell how terribly boring the Army Open House was.
Anyway, Vivian and I sneaked away from our class halfway during the trip at the SAF, and our PD tutor (Ms Tan) found us! HAHA, she know us too well and knew we just wanna have fun. She wasn't angry at all and we can talk to her like friends. She told us we can go off already. HEHE, she's really nice. 
 We got a super big room! Feel so prioritized hahaha, and each of us just had to pay $14!
Vanessa, Queenie, Vivian, Tessa, Me, Weisze and Joey!
The background behind us are all cassettes of really old songs! Super cool.
 Then headed to Queenie's house for steamboat. Swear her house is like a perfect dream house. I'd die to live in her house. She have a bar room, and her house is 4 storeys high. We had steamboat at her rooftop. 
The few of us who stayed for steamboat + weisze taking photos
 Weisze and I at Queenie's bar!
So we headed to the bar after steamboat and laoban's tauhuey for dessert. Had a really nice time eating, the food are all so nice, especially the prawns and beef. We wanted to drink some wine at the bar, but it's not allowed :( But we still managed to get "drunk" without drinking! HAHAHA, had a really crazy crazy time with the rest of us who stayed. Lots of photos and videos taken, and we went home only at 1am! HAHAH we were having too much fun!
Queenie trying to fix the karaoke system. Failed D: But we had fun simply using our playlist on our phones and earpiece!
 I tried really hard to squeeze in. HAHAHA Head was hurting man!
 Yay we blocked everyone else out. HAHAHA
I'm desperately trying to 'poke' Queenie's armpits HAHAHA hence the spastic face. 
Awww my pinky wanna be in the picture too. 
 Queenie whips her hair back and forth.
We models unite in the embrace of dear Goddess Queenie. HAHAHA 
 Not sure what's wrong with mine and vivian's face. LOL

All these photos pretty much summarized the fun day we had. We took tons of videos too, but many are too embarrassing to be uploaded. HAHAHA

Blazing Beach Bonanza '12
(Sunday, 27 May)
Many many pictures again. But basically on this day, Vivian and Tessa joined the beach volleyball competition with Minghwee, Jasper and Andy. I only know Minghwee LOL, but anyway Weisze know them too. So Weisze and I headed down to Sentosa to support the team!

In the tram with Weisze to Siloso beach. Thank god for the pretty lighting!
HAHA, what weisze and I did when we're being left alone while the team plays their match. CAMWHORE
 We bought many many subways for them! Each with their names on it cos they're so particular about the veges and sauce.
Strong Vivian carrying Weisze
 Strong Vivian carrying me.
Strong Vivian carrying Tessa
A handsome pose for great strength.
I am strong, therefore I can push you into the water. 
HAHAHA, ok I'm bored. I don't know what to write for the photo captions.
Failed jumpshots.
AND YAYY, a successful one! I think this is the only jumpshot I'm most satisfied with my looks. At least I don't look constipated like the rest of the jumpshots I took. HAHA
Exciting match!
Yay for second place!
Bottoms up!
Posing with my subway
Tessa and I
Vivian and I
The guys!
Andy, Jasper and Minghwee
Andy and I
Jasper and I
Minghwee and I, first proper photo with him.

I'm too lazy to summarize the day.

Wednesday, 30 May
I permed my hair! I don't know how some of your reactions might be, but I thought I really needed a change and I wanna do something drastic to my hair. I was stuck between two choices, which is cutting it or perming it. Two of my teammates, weisze and vivian, wanted to perm so I decided I'll do it with them in the hope that our hair will turn out like Tessa's.
So my hair was this long and straight.
And it turned out like this! I look quite auntie here lah, cos of the way the person blew it.
The back view of our hair!

HAHA yay, so I'm finally ending this blog post. But waaait, one more thing. I'm going to msia this Saturday! And my family members are gonna leave before me, leaving me to sleep alone for one night. So I got sheela to stayover! Yayness <3

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