Friday, May 18, 2012

But even the sun sets in paradise.

Please click the link above, I was touched beyond words. I've known Pan for 8 years, I know she's not good with words. I know her inside out, upside down, and I can totally tell if she's lying, trying or just being plain lazy. Since sec school, especially Secondary 4, I've been dreading the day when I had to learn to live without seeing her every single day. Trust me, it was so hard. It sucks to have your best friend so far away from you, sometimes you feel that all you ever feel was loneliness and nothing else besides that. Then it sucks so much that she was the one I confide in all the time, then all of a sudden she's gone and I have no one to turn to. But thank god for my two girlfriends. I wanna thank Sheela and Maria. Really, after knowing them, I learnt to believe that people do stay, not everyone will leave you like the rest, there are still people who keeps promises, people who care, people who love you like how you love them. I once felt so dejected, but you just need to wait for that few people to prove you wrong and earn your trust back again. Trust me, if your friends care, they will do anything to gain your trust.

So yes, I wrote a chinese compo on Pan for my chinese assignment. I almost teared while writing the last part of the compo hehehe, I shall post it up on my blog after I get my thai letter from Pan. HAHA, so excited.

Just being random here, but I feel that I've grown alot.

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