Thursday, March 6, 2014

The devil lives in memories

Someone from suggested that I blog about my journey through JC life and I thought it was a pretty good idea! So this is to wrap up the past two years of my life, and to the new life ahead. I am so excited to relive some of these moments and walk down the memory lane of the past two years. ABHJBDSBEFBEUFU

And my boyfriend thinks that no one will be interested in my boring JC life until the part where he shows up. HAHA, we'll see we'll see.

So my JC life started off with these 3 girls: Queenie, Vivian and Joey (from left to right, and then there's me, in case you can't tell cos of my fringe), where Vivian, Queenie and I DSA-ed while Joey appealed into AJC through volleyball. We started trainings way before school even began for us and had a head start to forging relations with our seniors and getting our rusty skills back from the O'levels break. We even went to buy our uniforms together from the original store at Bukit Batok HAHA, yes we were very excited. 

I got closer to Vivian after awhile because she was posted to the same class as me and we took the same subject combinations. We spent every single day together, from train rides to school in the mornings, and train rides back home at night after trainings. Oh, and we live about 50 steps away from each other. So yup, we were close, really close. HAHA

And then the new J1 volleyballers joined in! All of us blended really well together, and this is the part where I conclude the validity of the statement: birds of the same feathers flock together. Gossips and bimbo moments, we do everything as a team.

Not to forget the cancellation of our supposed Bangkok trip in March that left us all super disappointed, and our eventual successful CCA trip to Korea that caused several disputes that are still quite funny when being brought up now. 

Training schedules were super hectic. We have training three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and fucking Saturday I am not kidding we are super hardcore and of course, worn out. Trainings on weekdays end on 10pm almost all the time, and we have no time for school work. It was a struggle to keep up with school work and some of us barely scraped the passing mark during Promos. Struggle, for me, was an understatement. I was having post-breakup depression because my ex decided it was a good time to dump me a week before my Promos started.

Jiawei was another close friend of mine who was from the same class as me in Secondary School, and got posted to the same class as me again in JC. He was like my buddy throughout the two years and a really great friend. No doubt, he's one of the people I owe my grades to. 

Both Jiawei and I are among the 6 people in class who got promoted to J2, while majority of the rest got advanced and some unfortunate ones were retained in J1. I dreaded the thought of starting Year 2 without my best friend in class.

My end of year break mostly consisted of work, work and more work. None of my holiday assignments were completed and the lack of practice led me to fail my Block Tests 1 in J2 horribly. I continued working on weekends till March, and it was the worst decision I've ever made because not only am I not able to complete my homework in the weekends, I do not get to rest and I am left completely worn out during the weekdays. My days were horrible, and lonely.

But it was not long before I made this new group of friends (Shuen, Charlene, Bat and Christine) in class all of which I share incredible memories with and realized how fucking oblivious I had been to the world around me. I missed out the hot girl and dude everyone was talking about in school. I didn't know anybody, I didn't even know who were my Vice-Principals. I cannot begin to say how glad I am to have met them and walked through the last year of my JC life with them. School were never too boring with them around, and I always have someone to turn to for help in academics. The girls were the ones who made me notice the existence of this mysterious cute boy named Jonathan Yeo.

Apparently, the girls talk about him buying followers on Twitter a lot. HAHAH sorry girls. I really didn't know him, and I didn't care either until he followed me on Instagram (he stalked me for really long and finally picked up the courage to follow me). So I checked out all his pictures and I was like "Holyfuck this dude from AJ has tattoos all over his body", and then I realized he's in my Chemistry class. HAHA, I think I remember the teacher calling his name a few times…I guess. 

One fine day during Econs Block Test in the Auditorium, I went for a toilet break for about 20mins (cos I can't do the questions at all) and @VodkaMuffins mentioned me on Twitter (I admit I was the one who followed him first) saying I looked really tired, and then our conversation continued. And my girls couldn't stop talking about how he was flirting with me and how big of a jerk he actually is. (Truth is, he IS a jerk. I am not denying that.) I don't know why the girls opinions didn't make me falter or anything, I remained neutral in my perspective towards him because I don't know him personally (maybe I was tricked damn should have trusted my girls). 

I grew to know Pai and Jon and JC life was never boring anymore. JC life was exciting for us, with many rules to go against and many adventures to go on together. They are the rarest people one could possibly find in AJ.

(Jon, Pai, Me and Jan)

They were my escape from hectic school work and they brought me joy!

Slowly I got closer to Jon because he was flirting me big time and I fell into his sick little trap. I never fell asleep as often during Chemistry lessons afterwards because I have Jon sitting beside me, and since it was our common subject, we spent quite a lot of time studying for it together and our grades improved!

I think studying was made easier when I had Jon as my study buddy. It is always nicer to study with company, and feel competitive to want to study more and score better than the person you're studying with. Also, we were able to gauge our study progress better to ensure we don't fall behind in class. However, I admit that studying alone can be more effective as you are more focused on your work and revision, but I tend to get very tired and bored, and sometimes overwork myself. Studying alone also means I will have no one to consult if I come across a difficulty in my work.

Consulting the teachers are useful in a way because teachers offer the most precise and definite answers to your question. However I think there are only several subjects that really require consultations, others can be managed by consulting a classmate or a friend in class. I consult teachers mostly on subjects like Economics and General Paper as they require more understanding. Maths and Biology are more technical and textbook based and can be managed with a lot of practice and memorizing.

The last few months before from final Prelims to A'levels are especially crucial because Prelims are the last proper paper you get to sit for before the final cambridge paper. It will be good to be prepared for the papers in Prelims, then clarify your remaining doubts after instead of being unprepared and feeling hopeless/helpless and flustered after (like me).

Eventually, your hardwork will pay off just like how mine did. My results came as a shock to me because I dare not set my expectations too high. I am very happy and satisfied with my results even though I still cannot believe it at times. School exams have demoralized me greatly and crushed all my hopes but I am glad I persevered and still did the best I could. (FYI I was bottom 5th percentile during Prelims) I owe my grades to my favourite study buddy, Jon hehe.

This marks a conclusion to my JC life. A big fat thank you to all my friends and teachers (Ms Ruth Tan and Mr Chua) who were there for me and helped me make it through the past two years. I wouldn't say it was an easy journey, but it was definitely worth reliving. Given the choice to choose all over again, I would make the same decision with no regrets. 

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