Thursday, October 14, 2010

We're all in love, and we all got hurt.

Had training in the afternoon just now. I was really looking forward to it, at first. LOL, warmed up, ran 4 rounds around the hall. We did some drills to get our ball sense back, I managed to finish it ^^ I wasn't really happy with my performance today, but they say take it slow, cos it's the first training after sucha long period of time. D: Yea la, I know. I shall take things slowly. Got abit bored afterwards, I dont know why. I think cos I didnt do well, that's why. LOL. After training, we arranged the chairs for tomorrow's Graduation Day. IT WAS TEDIOUS I SWEAR. We had to be like, really precise siah. Like, walau, I cannot tahan. I did the right side of the hall, gave up after awhile. And you know, the left side of the hall is in a curved shape, and my (right) side of the hall is in a slant. LOL, so we debated for awhile. Asked coach, she said it's suppose to be a slant, a 'V' shape. And then I shot back, should we listen to you, or Mr Ben? LOLOL, and Mr Ben said we're right! MUAHAHAHA, and it's a 'V' for VOLLEYBALL. K lame. HAHAHA, I really wanted to scream then, but nobody screamed, so I didnt. :P

Spent about 45minutes arranging the chairs. Ms Lim briefed us about the Overseas Trip afterwards. Yea it's confirmed! We're going to China, Fujian! WOOHOOO! from 18November to 25November :D But I wasn't really satisfied with coach's choices of whose going in our team D: But I'm going la. LOL. Then Ms Toh briefed us about the Community Involvement Programme (CIP). On Monday, a group of Indonesian students are coming to our school, they're about the same age as us. WOO, I hope got shuai ges. ^^ HEHE. We're the ambassadors! And they're gonna join us for PE lessons. :D I'm sooooo excited, omgomgomgmgomgomg. And then on Tuesday, we're going to the ACRE with them. K I forgot what it stands for, but it's something like the SPCA but it's moremoremoremore cooler than SPCA, they got more animals. LOL. SOOOO EXCITED! We can miss lessons! And we're gonna have BBQ with them in school at night! OMG. But we have to perform something for them. SO LITTLE TIME TO PREPARE. We're thinking of making friendship bands for them instead, want want? :D

Gonna hand over the comp to my sister already D: I'm going SHOPPANG with XIAOJUN tmr! :D:D:D MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! BUAIBUAI!

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