Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness.

Haven't been blogging ever since the actual school timetable started. So I shall raaaaant about how much I hate my timetable! I have trainings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday all the way till 9pm, and I don't get a break on Tuesday and Thursday. SERIOUSLY!!! I end at 6.15pm on Tuesdays, and guess what's the last period? PE -.- Nice one lah. And I have like 4 breaks on one of the days, and I eat at every single break... I know some people can never get why I'm so conscious about my body, but shouldn't every girl be conscious about their own body? I won't say I'm fat because I'm not, and I might really piss most of you off if I insist that I am. LOL, so yeah, I know I'm not fat. But keeping yourself balanced and healthy is still important! I think Mind Your Body is influencing me too much. I bet Vivian and Jiawei finally understood why I'm so crazy over that section of The Straits Times every Thursday when I brought it to school last Thursday and they finally read it for the first time in their life. Really people, it's damn interesting. Our body is amaaazing. HAHAH k, I always rant until off topic, from time table to body. LOLLL

So anyway, school really kept me busy these few weeks. In fact, TOO busy. I get annoyed when I have to sacrifice my sleep cos of studies. But guess what, I could've slept early or decided to do vectors (double sigh) instead of blogging. LOL, scratch that. Nobody gives a shit. (Random but am I overusing 'but'? Cos I look across the paragraph I just wrote and I see a lot of buts.) I haven't been blogging a lot (LOL emphasis cos I already said that earlier on.) but I took a lot of pictures! Yeah, I have a lot of things to blog about, I'll see if the events are worth elaborating on. Aiya I'm quite long-winded, so this post should still have a bit of substance. ANYWAY, I should really consider blogging in perfect english. All these random capitalization of random words is making this entire blog post so untidy. HAHAH and I mentioned "a lot" 4 times in this paragraph...

 That day Jiawei brought his cousin's dslr to school and was spotted by Vivian and I! You know what girls do when they see cameras, don't you? Especially crazy camwhorers like the girl beside me in the photo on top *ahem HAHAHAHA
 I look hideous. Anyway have I mentioned how much I hate the fact that my gums could be seen each time I smile? Argh, they call it the gummy smile. The term sounds cute and all but it's so not cute! I look like I have super thin, or almost no upper lips! Which is really pathetic, and I have no idea how to fix it D:
 This photo with Zhigang look so nice lor! Except his hair...and his face..HAHHA joking lah. He's damn mean to me in school, I need to complain to someone. OOOOHHHH, all of a sudden I forgot I got a boyfriend who knows muaythai and can send him a flying kick to another country. HAHAHAH, but this photo really nice hor. I mean I look nice. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA ok can. 
Photo with Jiawei covering his crotch. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH I just realised btw.
 With flash.
 Without flash. I really prefer the one with flash cos everything looks sharper and clearer eventhough most people do not prefer that cos they feel that they faces look oilier. HAHAHA the word oilier looks so cute.  OH YAAA, that is what I mean by annoying gummy smile! D:
 My shirt look like it's gonna burst. Oppsie nehneh too big.
 Just a photo to annoy Jiawei, with cute little Phuong and Wanfen at the back. LOL
 LOL, typical camwhoring girls. NEVER LET A GIRL SPOT YOU WITH A DSLR!


Birthday girl gets a kiss! HAHAHA
Not the birthday girl but I still managed to take a photo with him HAAHA
 We made Wisely look like a gayboy being surrounded by girls. HAHAAHAHAHHA
 Me, Vivian, Queenie, Cookie and Tessa.
 Tessa and I! Look how much I've grown! HAHAH, I still remember the health check up we had way back in primary school. The one that they checked our boobies and valerie (girl's down there). Afterwards they would rate our puberty stage depending on our boobies size and amount of valerie hair (at least that's how I think the analysis is done), and I got 2/5 for my puberty stage. Walao, pathetic not. Other girls get 5/5 leh. I was damn embarrassed then D: 
 Weisze, Vivian, Tessa, Xinyi, Queenie and Me!
HAHAH this pose quite successful! 
Wei Sze and I! 
Huicheng and I!
Oh yaaa, our school's good news cafe's cookies is the bomb man! It tastes almost as nice as subway cookies. I mean, c'mon, you get nice cookies in school, I wouldnt mind even if it's not subway or the taste is far from subway's. WHATEVER, it tastes damn good! 80cents each and I have to resist the temptation to eat it at every break time. LOL

Had friendly match at PHS after school. HAPPY HAPPY! Because friendly matches is always more fun and exciting, and most importantly...we're dismissed earlier! We were dismissed an hour earlier than usual last Friday! HAHAHA. Headed to Vivian's house after that, and partaye in her orangey room.
The four of us by the poolside! But the security guard had to spoil our entire plan of having a romantic midnight swim. It's like we planned an entire week for nothing! We headed to the toilet and wet ourselves then chitchatted in the sauna. Of course it was still fun because we had each other's company.
 Joey and I giving the slutty look.
 Queenie and Vivian giving the innocent look!
 The four of us in Vivian's room after shower! Walked back to her house like a blind mice without our specs and contact lens.
Vivian and I by the poolside. We merely soaked our legs in the water and the security guard wont even let us do that! If I ever become a security guard, I swear to be nicer than him!
 Queenie and I with the birthday cake!
 Vivian, Queenie and I with breezer. Had breezer while watching Human Centipede at night. I dozed off for awhile and Vivian shook me and woke me up cos she was scared. LOL, it's damn gross omg. Don't even make me think about it...
 Oh this photo was taken some time back. It was when some of the NS men came over to our school to introduce some of the equipment to us and talked briefly about NS life. I especially love the food rationing  section where they give us handy energy snacks. THEY HAVE MY FAVOURITE HORLICK TABLETS!!! I miss those times when chaoyi always buy it for me and secretly sneak it into my bag during assembly. AHH talking about secondary school. I miss when I get to see him and go to school with him everyday, and sit beside him during assembly in the morning every day. AHHH, D: I remembered a time when he bought ribena tablets for me and I ate it during maths exam. HAHAHA. ANNNNYYWAAAAYYY, we've been together for 365 days eventhough it's only 6 March today and we got together on 7 March last year. BUT COS THIS YEAR IS LEAP YEAR! HAHAH, but both of us completely forgot about it so we're just gonna celebrate it tomorrow. Anyway look at the last photo in this post, notice how awkward Vivian and I look? Wanna know the reason? We're standing on the wrong sides. I must always stand on the left, and she must always stand on the right cos of our fringe parting. HAHAHAHAH, girlss....

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