Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nobody's gonna love you like I do.


I've long realised that good friends around me or people who eventually stay with me (too soon to say till the end) for a long time are all Pisces. I know there are some horoscope stuffs that are plain bullshits, but look Sheela Maria Pantita Rasyidah, all Pisces. Too much of a coincidence huh? HAHAH, yeah. So I therefore conclude that these are the people who MUST stay with me forever. 

Anyway, sorry for the late surprise Sheela and Marz, but better than nothing hor! I wanna tell you guys how much I really miss you, and Pan as well. I really miss all of you like crazy. I mean, I'm not having a hard time in AJC, the people there are great. But still, I miss how I can speak freely with you all and act crazily. Like really crazy. Remember how we went crazy in the shopping mall over a beanie? YEAH A FUCKING BEANIE! And how we acted like supermodels everytime we're in nice toilets. Who cares what people say or think, we are who we are. HAHAHA. I miss all of you, and I will keep on saying this. I miss how the three of you can easily understand the things I say without me explaining and how you guys never ever get sick of my rants! PANNNN WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK? D: I have so many things to tell you guys, meet up sooooooon plzzz <3

Anyway, I almost cried at one part of the video... HAHAHA, but I didn't cos I'm a strong girl.

OH, and go take a look at Zena's blog @
She wrote a blog post about me. I'm flattered, but I'm very happy. Thanks Zena! <3

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