Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hold on, I promise it gets brighter.

Hi guys! HAHAHA, I'm finally ready to blog! It's already the third week of school, but well, I'll just briefly talk about matriculation week and orientation then move on to some cool and interesting stuffs that happened during the first 3 weeks of school.

HAHAH, not sure why but I'm kinda excited. Anyway events are not in order cos I'm too lazy to rearrange the photos. LOL, I'll just talk randomly ok! You don't have a choice anyway...why did I ask? HAHAHAHA!

Got my new Blackberry Bold 9900 white! Chaoyi got his about a week earlier than me, I was so jealous! He bought white as well, I thought he'll choose black. LOL, I finally decided to choose white (after much consideration) because my previous bb was black anyway. So I wanted a white bb for a change. Not too bad, and I was wondering whether 2 years later the white will turn yellowish. HAHAHA I think wont lah hor?
 Pardon my pretty face. HAHAHAHAHAHAH, k lah this is the first photo I took using my bb. I dont know why but I always keep the first photo I take using my new phone. The first photo I took using my previous bb was with xinlerk. I wont delete it no matter how ugly or bad quality it is! I just feel that it's so memorable. I dont really delete photos unless it's multiple shots and blur. 

Ok I shall dig out the first photo I took using my previous bb...
Yeah that's it! HAHAH, not too bad. I used it as my previous bb's wallpaper for quite some time. (well cos I dont have anymore nice photos to put.) HAHAHA now all my phone's wallpaper are mostly photos from tumblr. Now people are saying that my current wallpaper look like me. I even lied to people that the girl in the photo is me, and they believed. I shall post it, wait...
Really look like me meh? (Btw, I have the same jacket!)
Not sure why Jiawei was looking at me with that cheeky face. Not sure why I'm smiling either. HAHA, I think this was taken in one of the 3 days of orientation in the morning. Oh anyway, we had matriculation week as well. It was all the boring talks and whatever shitzzz. We skipped most of the talks and slacked at nexus with the rest of the j1 volleyball team. HAHAHA, havent attended a single assembly talk in school since orientation was over. Sigh, I'm a bad girl. HAHAHA but I really like the system in jc leh. It's like really up to your self-discipline. You want go, you go. Don't want go also no problem.
Vivian that selfish bitch posing for the camera without me. Look at my innocent face being blocked by her big head!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! K I sound mean...I feel so bad, NOTTTT!!! Anyway we were playing the newspaper crossing river game. LOL, whatever lah but you roughly get the idea of the game just by looking at my title for the game right? HAHAHA I'm good man.
I especially love this photo! It's like we're helping each other. Awww, thanks to me or else Vivian might have caused us to lose the game...HAHAHHA JUST KIDDINGGGGG, the game was really fun and I was careful not to touch her sweaty neck. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, opps sorry if you can't get the joke. Too bad you're not in ajc. Bleh :P
 Too many students with red bags this year man.
 Vivian, Queenie and I slacking at the nexus!
 Queenie and I were in the same matriculation group. And Vivian and I were in the same Orientation group! HAHAHA I'm so lucky lah!
 Me with Vivian and Joey. HAHAHA, still at nexus. Nexus is officially our favourite hangout place. Bad thing is, too many people knew about nexus D:
 Huicheng, Crystal, Queenie, I, Joey and Vivian. (Taking pictures after training!)
Joey, Vivian and I.
I love this photo!
The four of us! HAHAH
Ziwei (refusing to smile with his mouth open) and I. 
 Finally decided to show his teeth. What's wrong with him? Not as if he got black teeth of something!
Xuerui (from Chungcheng main) and I!
First photo with Wisely as a forfeit cos I lost during "Guess the Number".
Second photo with Wisely cos we were bored while waiting for the next lesson to start. HAHAHA
Third photo with Wisely cos we wanna take pictures with him CANNOT ISSIT! HAHAHAH
 One of the smart students who took a photo of the assignment to make sure I dont miss out a single detail compared to other students who copied them down diligently.
 Vivian dozing off almost everywhere she go!
 Hi this is random but look at my very cute socks!
Jiawei the gentleman refused to put his arms around the girls as a forfeit, so the girls had to hook his hand instead.

Anyway guys, Happy Valentine's Day! I know it's over, but really anyday can be Valentine's Day.
I shall share how I spent my Valentine's Day! HEHEHE, I didnt make anything for my boyfriend cos he made me angry by saving the evening for his friends instead of his girlfriend. But well well, yeah I'm very not understanding because why of all the days his friends must book him on vday right! Anyway I was upset cos I've never celebrated vday, yeah I know right. You can call me pathetic man. Chiobu yi ge but mei you ren yao date wo. K HAHAHAHAHAH ok I think I'm crapping alot but anw. I got over it cos chaoyi decided to meet me in the morning. And he made breakfast for meeeee. AHHH I REALLY LOVE HIS COOKING HEHEHE. He even made lunch for me ok! The ingredient got eggshell somemore. HAHAHA, but anyway I really love the food. Sighs, I miss him. And the last time I met him was...yesterday MUAHAHAHAHA

Lemme anti-climax awhile ok? I'm gonna be a good girl and study hard because I made a new friend called Kairong and not only did he motivated me to study, he made me real stress after understanding that he's not the only hardcore mugger in our school. During our first bio lesson, we had a pop quiz. The quiz was so tricky and hard, almost impossible to get full marks because the instructions was vague as well. But guess what, more than 1 student got full marks wtf man. I swearrrr I will never get full marks for that test even if I were to do it again! AHHH, I really wanna get good grades man. Seeing seniors redoing their J1 year is making me feel worried already.

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