Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I had so much fun ytd with me family eventhough we stayed at home all day.
Cos we had steamboat for dinner!
Haha, Mum and Dad went out to buy some stuffs for dinner.
Dad even bought wine,
haha, my younger sis and I drank most of it :P
It's so nice la.
My dad was a bit exaggerating,
he decided to move the dining table to an empty area near our living room,
so that we can watch tv while eating.
thoughtful though silly. (:
We prepared a grilling spot and a spot for the steamboat.
My father got scolded by my mother for putting everything [almost?] into the steamboat,
and we left very little to grill.
But at least the bacon is nice ;D
And my face was super duper red from TOO much wine.
But it's normal la,
everytime i drink also like that one.
then my younger sis had a bad tummyache.
Too long never shit alr la,

After dinner,
my elder sis go toilet.
then we all move the table,
move the chairs,
keep the dishes.
and by the time she come out,
everything is in order alr,
so clever hor~
But she still have to keep some of the chairs that i shifted.
Yesterday was great,
because everyone in our family was so happy.
and that is very rare.

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