Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let go of what we can't keep.

 I drew this!
 Wearing the shirt with thai words, the one I bought from bangkok!
(At my ahma's house gonna eat reunion dinner!)
 My ahgong keeps stray birds as pets. Not exactly pets cos he dont lock them up in a cage and stuffs, but he feeds them with rice. So a few birds come in and out of the house at regular timings for food. So cute, I swear my ahgong is damn nice and caring. He wont let any of us scare the birds away. HAHA, and in case some of you dont know, I'm scared of birds. But well, this might just help me get over my fear of birds. I highly doubt so tho, cos birds still seem scaring to me as long as they can still fly. HAHAHAHAHA, I dont know why. Once they flap their wings...SCREAMSSSS!!!!
Steamboat for reunion dinner! Yes, the table looks really empty and the food look very sparse. In fact, the food IS little. -.- There's no pork, bacon, chicken and salmon. Argh.
 Played with sparklers at night. Not that fun anymore cos I grew up HAHAHA, maybe it'll be more fun if I play with friends lah.
 The four of us! So blurry! I want a camera leh. Sick of using my bb as camera, quality not that good.
 Sorry I had to upload the blurry photos as well cos if not I no more photos to upload. HAHAHAHA.
LOL I tried to curl my hair with straightener. Obviously fail! 
 This is the dress I wore for chinese new year. Lace top, HAHA. Quite troublesome cos it got stuck to the zip of my bag a few times. I was all vintage-y that day with brown bag, brown belt, brown hair, brown nails, and vintage green toe nails.
Green toe nails!
My bro and ahgong!
My bro with his super cool and cute hair. HAHA, and not forgetting his dimples!
Mommy and bro, with sisters making stupid faces at the background. cheyyy
One of my relative's son and bro.
The Salmon 'N' Mushroom pasta I ate at Swensens today with Sheela. HAHA random I know but I love this pasta. I always eat this when I go to Swensens. K, I promise I will try something else next time! Don't wanna keep spending money on the same thing. LOL

Firstly, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I was supposed to do a vlog this afternoon to talk about Chinese New Year, my injured arm and what happened to it and 10 weird facts about myself. HAHA, but I guess there will be too much to say so I'll just talk about Chinese New Year and my injured arm.

I was really excited for Chinese New Year because of the dress I was gonna wear! I bought it in december when my cousins came over to our place. HAHA, long ago I know! But that was what kept me excited about CNY! The dress is quite short, but instead of saying that, why not say that I'm too tall? HAHHA, I'm 168cm, hopefully I'm taller now. Maybe 170cm? I really wanna hit 170cm, I dont know. Just sound like a really nice number when you got '7' as the second number. HAHA, like ideal model height. But bad thing about being tall is, I always feel that I'm too tall for high heels. Anyway, I dont know how to walk in heels as well. LOL, oh and my cousin kinda smirked when she heard me saying that I'm 168cm, and she said she's 169cm. LOLLLLLL you're 26 years old leh, like almost twice my age, still got face to smirk at me.

Anyway, every CNY, I will really look forward to what my cousins will be wearing. As usual, my twin cousins looked really good. One of the twin and her elder sister (not the other twin) shaved the left side of their head! In case some of you dont know, it's the fashion nowadays and I really like it. It's so daring and nice! The elder sister of the twin have always been daring. She highlighted her hair various colours before. One of my other cousin wore long dress. I feel like wearing long dress next time too!

Bad and annoying thing about this year's CNY is that my dress was sleeveless, and many people were questioning the bruises on my right arm. I keep having to repeat myself that I went to "ba guan" (the chinese cup cup thingy that sucks my meat HAHAH I dont know how to explain) --- k I went to check, it's called cupping, sometimes I lie and say I got into a catfight with my friend. HAHAHA!

I got an additional angpow from my ahma for good grades. Didnt go to alot of houses, and despite eating alot of cny goodies (pineapple tarts especially), I lost 1kg. HAHA, I think it's cos I keep shitting. I dont know, but I've always been shitting alot, and recently I shit more frequently than usual! Normally it's just once everyday, now it's like twice everyday (after meals). I dont know why. Oh anyway lemme talk about my typical cny day. Our whole family will wake up at 6am to prepare and we leave house at around 7.30am. We head to my ahgong's place for vegetarian breakfast. No meat at all! There will always be this really sweet soup that I love alot. This year is abit special because we had a sour soup! But it's abit too sour, maybe cos it's too early in the morning. Btw, my bro tried eating with chopsticks! One thing I admire about my bro is he keep trying and never gives up. Once, my father and I were showing off to him that we can snap our fingers, and he couldnt! But hey, he kept trying and now he can snap his fingers pretty well! He also learnt how to use chopsticks by himself. My mom wanted to change it into a fork, but he didnt wanna use a fork. He wanted to try using chopsticks. HAHAH.

After breakfast, we will go to my ahgong and ahma with a tray of cny goodies and wish them Happy Chinese New Year in cantonese, the only cantonese phrase that I can speak so well and be confident of (so-called bainian to them). And in return, we get angpows! All the relatives' houses we visited are from my father's side. And they are all quite rich, most live in landed properties. We were quite shocked and displeased when we reached home and count the angpow money and realised there's one angpow with only one 2dollar note. HAHA, not to complain but I thought it's abit insincere and rude. Oh ya, and I always thought that notes in the angpow must come in at least pairs. Like for example you wanna give $10, you have to give five 2dollar notes or two 5dollar notes. I always thought it was inauspicious to give a single note. Because in chinese there's a saying "shi shi cheng shuang", it kinda mean good things come in pairs or smth like that. LOL, so this year I learnt something new. HOHOHO

Oh ya, and I kinda dislike people who keep yakking about karma and everything. I mean yes, it makes sense, but cursing someone "karma will get you" is dumb. Because we all have made mistakes, and noone is perfect. If you havent been an exactly nice person, all the more you shouldnt be talking about karma. Because if karma's really gonna get back at the person who did something wrong to you, it's gonna get back at you for cursing him/her as well. DUHHHH. We've all done wrong things, so karma's gonna get back at everyone! Nevermind that cos DO YOU KNOW!!! Karma in chinese is called "YING KAI" Ying1 Kai3 COOOOOOLLL YOOOOZZZZ.

I also went to a few more houses today. Wanted to go to JJ's owner's (Uncle Lim, my father's friend) house but he wasn't at home. Btw, JJ is a chiwawa that was supposed to be our dog. Sighs, but my mom was pregnant then and had sensitive nose, so we couldnt keep it. JJ is old and not so active now, I really wanted to see him! D: I also went to my Mother's sister's house. I really love her house! It gave me some ideas of what kind of house I want in future. HAHAH. Met up with Sheela afterwards. Was supposed to watch a movie but it's public holidays ($11 per ticket) and the seating was bad. So we decided not to watch movie and just eat Swensens plus Marbleslab! We promised we will eat Delifrance next time because I've never tried it before! LOL K IM A LOSER D:

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