Friday, December 16, 2011

Friends forever.

I went crazy with the photo booth on my macbook. HAHAHA
Finally get to talk to my best friend! It's been so long I swear I was dying. But my prince (best friend) came just in time to save me, a damsel in distress. HAHAHA, ok exaggerate. I talked to her for more than 3 hours and slept at 5.30am. Gosh, HAHAHA, yeah we really had a lot of catching up to do.
Sheela joined Skype as well! But Skype doesn't allow group conversations. I mean we can hear and talk to each other, but we can't see each other. NO FUN!
HAHAHA, chipmunks. 
HAHAHA my brother look like Johnny Bravo. Look, he's enjoying it! LOLOL
This is so damn cute omg. He actually posed for this, no joke.

Been busy buying and preparing christmas gifts lately but I'm so broke. My pay hasn't arrived and I can only get it at the end of this month. I think I haven't elaborated on my job. I worked at the IT fair as acer laptops promoter for 3 days. On the first day, I only sold 3 laptops. But there was great improvement on the second day, I managed to sell 9 laptops and on the last day, I sold 15 laptops! Omg, I'm so happy. I earned $120 commission on the last day. FYI, without the commission, my basic pay a day is only $30. I won't say it's exactly a bad thing because it really made us determined to sell some laptops and not just lazing around and slacking. I got quite pissed when I talk to several customers and this chao ah beng whose also working as a promoter kept tapping my shoulders and saying that customer is his. I gave in to him at first, but he said the same thing way too many times, so I ignored him afterwards. 

Anyway I got so pissed with what my father said just now. I'm like bugging him to get me a study table cos I'm using xinlerk's table temporarily while she's away. And he's like saying I better get the fuck off her table when she's back. Wow ouch. Talk about respecting you, hello? What about me?

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