Thursday, December 15, 2011

Everything that seemed bright at the start, they ended.

Basically my cousins came over for one-two weeks and I'm busy entertaining them by bringing them to several places to shop and play. Brought them to bugis and only managed to walk the third and half of the second storey cos we finished all our money. HAHAHA, I bought my chinese new year dress for $20. I'm really in love with it, can't wait to wear it someday. But i'll resist the temptation to wear it. I strongly believe in wearing new clothes on new year, no idea why. It's like a brand new year, and the feeling of starting anew and afresh is the strongest then. 

I bought this peace ring with my younger sister. Kinda expensive though, it's 3 for $10.
Had dinner at Astons @ Iluma afterwards.
I think everyone should try Astons, serious. It's so worth it! There's no service tax and GST!
I did manicure! It's my first time doing it and I love the colour - turquoise. I know it doesn't look that turquoise in the photo. HAHAH the lighting la, sorry k.
We went to the zoo on the next day! This is the very cute little otters that I most adore!
Cool white tiger. Apparently there are three white tigers there, namely Omar, Winnie and Jippie. So we all guessed this one in th photo is Omar, cos they stated that Omar is the largest among the three, and especially love water. Aww.
This kind of monkey have exceptionally long fur, no idea why. One of them had super duper long fur and kept hiding in the shelter, refusing to come out. So we all guessed that's the boss, LOL.
This cheerful little monkey (also of the same type in the previous photos) kept playing with its toes. HAHAHA
Look at this beautiful and cocky peacock. We all begged him to spread it's tail, but it refused. Cheyyy, in fury, he flew above us to join the deers in the exhibit. Yeah, peacocks can fly. Amazing, I just knew that. HAHAHA, but I guess it can only fly up to a certain height, if not they would fly away already la. HAHAHA. But that moment when that peacock flew above us was fling scary. You know how majestic that peacock was? It's HUGEEEE! We all screamed and ran away, we stared at it and each other for a good 10seconds, traumatized. HAHAHA.
This giraffe went to that green patch of grass to poopoo. I really must compliment giraffes. They are waaay more elegant than an elephant, be it in terms of size or etc. I'm serious. Giraffe's pee is like a neat one straight line, and an elephant's one is like SPLASHHHHHH, for freaking long. I swear that elephant's pee can drown a live human in a well. And for shitting, giraffe's is like small little beads, while an elephant's one is like seriously one giant pile of dung. Gosh. HAHAHA.
Oh yeah and giraffes have the most flexible tongue and it's freaking long.
It came damn near us and I was afraid, so I couldn't take a good picture of it. LOL
This little (i don't know what they call it, but look at the teeth. Er is it a mole rat or something? I'm not so sure.) bunch squeezing in a small space. *cuddle cuddle*
This cute monkey covered its face with his tail! HAHAHA
Cute, look how he positioned his head. LOL
Me, Ah Guan Jie, Xintien and Chen Li Li
Younger cousin
Older cousin
It started drizzling halfway and we only bought the basic admission tickets which is not inclusive of free tram rides. So we wore this waterproof animal cap around. HAHAHA, I think we all look damn cute. LOL
At the sealion show!
Posing with the xmas tree. We really had fun.
We bought this for $5 each and xintien refused to pay! LOL, just cos she wanna save money. But we still bought it in the end, my younger cousin was nice enough to treat her. She didn't even say thank you man, talk about manners. Tsk.

Yeap all these photos roughly summarized everything we did with my cousins during their stay here. They left about two days ago. Gaaah, hopefully they'll be back soon <3

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