Saturday, January 16, 2010

Havent been posting for this week, so here goes:
(many many dialogues and everything, it's a long post to cover for the week's activities)

3 Zenith rocks! We all hid under our tables, turned off all the lights and closed the doors and windows before Mdm Chan came in so that we could give her a surprise! We bought gifts for her baby! Mdm Siti was on maternity leave. Mdm Chan was very surprised and happy, she bought us chocolate waffles in return. She allowed us to eat in class, but none of us did, and she was SUPER pleased with us :D
Went fishing with Rasyidah, Xiaojun, Shafiq, Joel and Farhan after school. LOL, Dillon came sooo late. He came just as we were about to leave! Btw, it's my first time fishing with them. I dont know if I'm a jinx or what, but whenever I say I wanna go fishing with them something will definitely crop up. And for that day, it rained -,- HAHA, but I insisted that I wanna fish. Luckily the rain stopped just in time, and the fishing area did not rain at all.
Anw, we all went to grab any sticks we can find on the ground, and there's this stick that looks exactly like a wizards magic stick. LOL, but stupid Farhan broke it into half so he could share with Xiaojun. Farhan helped me with my line and bait and everything, we used bread as bait. And I was the first to get started, I waited for freaking long la. And Xiaojun just went down for awhile and she caught a fish.
Xiaojun: AHHHHH AHHHH AHHHHH (screams)
Me: Wth, no need scream until like that right, fish only what.
(after awhile, I caught a fish)
I was afraid that the fish would touch me and mind you, it's jumping around like a retard. And Shafiq and Farhan had to step on the tail to get the hook out of its mouth, I was soooo afraid that the tail would come off! We let the fish into the water after catching it, because catching it is just for the thrill. And so, we (Rasyidah, Xiaojun and I) were competing with each other on who could catch the most number of fishes and DAMNIT! Xiaojun was leading all the way until she gave up and Rasyidah won with 7 fishes, Xiaojun lost by one and I only caught 4 fishes ): HAHA, I'm a beginner okay! Watch out ahhhh, I will win Rasyidah next time!
LOL, I killed a fish and I feel so bad about it. I used the stick to squash the body, dont scold me, Rasyidah told me to do it. She wanted to use it as a bait for the turtle. HAHA yes, we wanna catch the turtle which is impossible. Rasyidah killed it in a fit of anger for losing the catfish, it was on the line! But it got away with the hook, lucky fish, I bet Rasyidah would want to kill it. HAHA.
And as Rasyidah was about to throw the line into the river, SPLASH! She fell into the water! HAHAHA, she had to go tuition after that somemore, so funny la. She smell horrible!
We had History Class today and Mr Roy was in a meow-cat mood. HAHA, he keeps meaowing every now and then.
Mr Roy: Meow!~
Mr Roy: Meow!~
Mr Roy: Meow!~
Rasyidah: WOOOF!~
LOLOLOL, how lame can Rasyidah get man!
And Mr Roy spent almost half an hour on the councillors. He didnt want to let them come into the classroom.
4 councillors: *knock knock*
Mr Roy: You guys have to come in a group you know, or else I wont let you'al in, it's very distracting.
Max: *clap clap*
Nicholas: *running towards the classroom* HAHAHA
(You may not think it's funny, but when Max clapped his hands, it's like a signal for his pet dog to come over to his side, and instead of a dog, Nicholas came running over instead. So Nicholas is the dog. HAHA. Gettit?)
Councillors: Mr Roy, can we come in?
Mr Roy: Never greet me, no manners, CANNOT!
Councillors: Good morning Mr Roy.
Mr Roy: Good morning *continues with lesson*
Sheela: Mr Roy, can we come in now?
Mr Roy: Hmm, good initiative, I like! You can come in, the rest of you stay there.
Rasyidah: Mr Roy, can I come in?
Mr Roy: Wahh, so selfish ah. But I like, you can come in now.
LOLOLOLOL, I missed out some parts, but it's roughly like that. And it took half an hour. We laughed so damn hard la.
And then there's BIO lesson. Weilun's group got the privilege to present last as he is super shy, so he got more time to prepare I think. And when it's his turn, he was so soft we was not even sure if he started talking already or not. And he keep laughing, haha. So we raised our hands, meaning we cant hear. Even his group members standing beside him raised their hands. LOL, traitors!
Almost the whole class: *Raises hands*
Sheela: He haven't even started talking yet!
All of us: HE HAD!
Sheela: OH REALLY AH? *Raises both hands*
HAHAHA. And Weilun was so shy that Mr Jack Chong told us to close our eyes and listen to him. And because we can't hear anything, our hands remained raised. And then someone suggested something. And only the BACK row (Eunice, Me, Hengteng, Kokhong, Nadiah, Roger and ChuanSeng) moved our chair to face the notice board at the back of the classroom with both our hands raised up. But we seriously cant hear anything, so Mr Jack Chong had to repeat whatever Weilun said. And finally we get to move on to the lesson. HAHA, I was damn happy la, cos most of the time are wasted and I never bring my biology textbook. Teeheee :D
Went to find Xiaojun at Sembawang Park, SHE OWE ME A BIGGGGG FAVOUR for making me rush there to her rescue! But I was very anxious for her as well, she sounded damn sad. But happy as I'm the first one she confided in :D She cried when she saw me leh, she told me everything that happened. Then we went back to the pit after awhile of chatting. I ate alotttt, haha. Hungry ma! And left the park at around 10pm.
Btw, there's this indian man who asked us something when he overheard us chatting
Xiaojun: (talking about Social Studies Sri Lanka and India)
Indian man: Excuse me, you know Sri Lanka?
Xiaojun and I: HUH?
Indian man: You know the ticket? Who won? Sri Lanka or India?
Xiaojun and I: HUH?!!!!
Indian man: *Explains everything to us*
Xiaojun and I: Ooooh, we dont know.
LOL, we're just chatting randomly about SS Sri Lanka and India, and it happens to clash with the Indian man's topic. HAHAHA, he said he had been catching the tickets game, but didnt catch the finals where Sri Lanka will be playing against India. He wanna know who won, so he thought we're talking about it and asked if we know who won. LOL. Damn funnny la!
Training tomorrow: 1-4pm!
Btw, our competition draws and schedules are out.
Thursday: Hougang Secondary School
Friday: Yishun Secondary School
Tuesday: Chung Cheng High Yishun
We'll be having a friendly match with Hwachong a'division girls next Saturday. Woah, heard they're national champs leh! But it clashed with our Sports Day Heats. Godddd, hopefully the friendly is in the afternoon, cos it'll be such a waste. Our batch waited for 2 years and finally here comes Sports Day and volleyballers cant participate. HAHA, kkk, hopefully it's not this case la.
Yayaya, you dont say what you mean. Btw, I'm straight, straight-forward. Guess you dont know me well enough then. Blehh ;P
Btw, today all the volleyballers (except some with short hair or latecomers) tied AVATAR today! Damn cool shit or what! HAHA, actually AVATAR is our secret code for scorpian hairstyle. Guess it's not a secret anymore la, but we wanna be new and original. So long for copycats and suckers~ It was quite successful, and I like Yuping's hair! Damn nice to tie laaaa, and Jiajing's hair smells great! LOL.
& (another) BTW, we ran 3km for PE today! ): NOT FAIR! We ran around the school 2 times, but I think it's easier to run around the school than at the garden leh. Somemore I dont think I sweat alot during the first round. LOL, I was the first during the first round. Overtook Jiajing while sprinting. And immediately I passed Alison who was recording the time, I walked. HAHA, and Ms Toh was like, jiayou Xinpei, come on keep running. And I shouted, "I DONT WANNA RUN ALR, I DONT WANNA RUN ALR, I DONT WANNA RUNNNN!" LOL, yes I walked a few times. I didnt really care about the timing and everything because I let alot of people overtake me already. HAHA, yea I'm like that. But 3km is not as hard as I expected la.

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