Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ONE LAST SHOT, and it feels like bullet in her heart.

People who went:
Shuiyuan Sheela Zhigang Shangwei Siyao Roger Wilson Pantita Me
Rasyidah Emily Maria Zhengyu Jiawei Tekcong Jonathan Zhonghao
Irritating, but cute JIAOWEI!
Shuiyuan and I

Woke up early in the morning, I didnt feel like going back to sleep you know? Guess I was excited. LOL. Reached cwp at exactly 9am, and Pan texted to say noone was there. Realised that they met at bns instead of breadtalk. Ooops, out of laziness, I didnt want to scroll down so much to check Shuiyuan's message for the time and venue. I was more scared that I got the time wrongly lo. HAHA, luckily it's just the venue, stupid Rasyidah. Headed to Sentosa afterwards. I dont know exactly what we girls were chatting about, but Rasyidah linked it to Zhonghao's noseshit -,- LOLOLOL, yea random right. HAHAHA. Stopped by at Vivocity to buy a few snacks. K la, I didnt wanna pay for the stuffs. LOL, so I keep sneaking food into the guy's trolley. At least Shuiyuan let me put lo, the other stingy guys put my seaweed back D: MY SEAWEED! Headed to Siloso Beach afterwards. K I wore the Team Warriors shit that Runfa gave to me as my birthday present. HAHA, and they got a shock. Like, how did the shirt land in my hands? MUAHAHA, I'm so cool. LOL! So I was a basketballer for a day ^^

Walked damn far to the last empty shelter and settled down. I was damn hungry already. AND JIAWEI IS SO CUTE. HAHA, he refused to remove his shirt. The more he dont wanna remove, the more we wanna see his body. SERIOUSLY WHAT. LOL. Like got something special that can't be seen like that. He's so cute. It was quite boring at first, as I couldnt decide whether I should get wet or not. HAHA. After the guys random approach to take photos, I was thrown into the sea. But they damn rough with me la, like my shorts came all the way up siah -,- And along with the dragging, my shorts collected sand. The guys were playing the I dont know what it's called. But it's like one person sit on the shoulder that kind, ya, then fight see who win -,- HAHA, ya guys. AND JIAWEI IS SO CUTE AGAIN. He sat on Shuiyuan and he said:


Stole some of the guys food, HAHA. But I dont think they know :P IN FACT I HELP THEM FINISH THE FOOD LO. WALAU, THEY SHOULD THANK ME. HAHAHA. Played beach volleyball twice. I think the first time was boring, as the heat of the sand was unbearable. SERIOUSLY UNBEARABLE. I was so sure that if I stood in the sand any longer, my feet would catch fire. LOL. The second time was more fun as there's no sun. And the sand is much more cooler ^^ Teamed with Zhengyu again, teamed with him both times. And Zhigang teamed with Pantita. Zhengyu damn haolian one la, he serve the ball into the net = tyco miss -,- WTH. Then he receive lousy ball for me, and I never receive, he say I lousy. ALAMAK. Then when he earn the point he say 'xiao mao' la. WTFISH LA, we almost quarelled, I swear. He keep on being lazy and dont wanna pick the ball. Then we scissors paper stone, he also wanna cheat. T.T

OH YA I FORGOT THE KAYAK PART! While in the pool, getting a bit boring, Shuiyuan and the rest went to rent the kayak thingy. LOL. And my immediate reaction was to grab any boats that come near me and get a comfortable seat ^^ HAHA, I managed to sit through the whole journey at the dangerous fronts of Zhonghao's and Wilson's boat. HEHEH. I think it was damn fun, eventhough I had no life vest and we went to the super far far away and deep part of the sea. FUNFUNFUN, Zhengyu came to disturb again out of nowhere. He dont wanna go deep, but he wanna be on the boat. WTH HE WANT? K dont care him. Then got caught by the life guard for not wearing the life vest, so I had to get down. And what a nice spot to get down seriously. It was directly at the way end of the beach, and the society is at the other end -,- Poor me, I had to walk all the way. Luckily Wilson came to save me with his life vest. So I took over his place for awhile. K fine, for the rest of the day. HEHEHAHAHOHOHO. Then we went to the super end part, and Zhonghao keep scaring my by saying beyong the ball thing will have sharks or will die something like that. So we kept turning and turning. And all of a sudden, Zhigang Maria and Pantita's boat capsized. I was super worried for Maria, she dont know how to swim. But luckily she got her life vest. Even she admitted, without her life vest, she might have drowned. Pantita was traumatized too. Zhonghao and I tried our best to save them ^^ MIGHTY HEROES. HAHA. Glad that they're fine :D I capsized twice near the shore, it's quite shallow la. But i was still scared. Shuiyuan apologised umpteen times, I didnt forgive him. CHEY! HAHAHA. Just joking la. But it was seriously scary. After the capsize, I was directly under the boat and I'm holding my breath and struggling to get out. Until they say it's very shallow, it's very shallow. And I stood up, HAHAHA, I CAN STAND UP SIAH, and the boat tumbled down my head. :X

Nothing much afterwards, had dinner at Vivo's banquet. And we chatted about real funny stuffs. How cute Eugene was in primary school, my god la. Seriously cute, and how rich he was. WOW. HAHAHA. and about the TASAD auditions. LOL. And on the way back home, Sheela and I went crazy with the ipod. Acting out what songs we're listening to and letting Pantita and Maria guess what song is it. HAHA, we acted like total retards. Esp during the song teardrops on my guitar, and hey soul sister, and MANY MANY MORE. HAHAHAHA, I can't remember. TOO HIGH ALREADY. I'm tired of typing so much la, let me sleep. LOL. GOODNIGHT EVERYONE, it's actually morning already.


signing off.


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