Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Because nothing makes me happier, and nothing makes me sadder than you.

HAHA, I think my brother looks super cute here. He know how to pose ok!

Thank god, I finally have time to take a breather and relax. Time to make this little space alive once again. HAHAHA, let's not talk about my exams ok? Next tuesday officially marks the end of this torturous shit, and also the beginning of my freedom. WOOHOO, I can't wait. For those people who had holidays waaaay earlier than me, I'm not jealous yo. Your holidays are full of holiday assignments, while meeee. HIAK HIAK HIAK, for me it's real freedom. Contemplating whether I should find a job tho. Not in need of money, but no harm having more in my pocket. HEHE, but doubt I'll have the time as well. I'll see how it goes. Got lobang tell me also ah. HAHAHA.

I can't wait to go shopping, omg I need so many things. Yeah need. I still havent got my highwaist shorts yet. I'm really determined to find nice ones, but it's the price that worries me. Argh, why can't everything have student price. LOL. I'm also looking for knitted tops, and a shoulder off shirt. Its been a really long time since I last check cotton on out. Kinda sick of the clothes there. Especially because the clothes there are so affordable that everyone, really everyone, wears almost the same thing. It will be so embarrassing if you see an auntie wearing the same clothes as you. Talking about it, I'm wearing a cotton on shirt right now. Sighs. HAHAHA, you know everytime I come back from shopping, I feel that I have alot of clothes and I can't wait to go out and stuffs. But after wearing those new clothes I bought for awhile, they become old and once again I have no more clothes in my closet that I'm dying to wear. So the whole cycle repeats and I have to go shop for more clothes. HAHAHA, girls. LOL. I love shopping for guys stuffs as well.

Eh somebody tell me honestly. Girls dont look good wearing watches meh. I want a coloured watch! Omg, esp after looking at Rasyidah's watch, I love it so much. But hers is branded one, I dont really need a watch to be honest. If I'm wearing a watch, and someone asks me for the time, I'll prolly dig out my phone to check the time instead of just lifting my arm to look at the damn watch. basically the watch will just be one of my hand accessories, but it's nice whaaaat! I want a watch. Actually I wanted a couple watch with chaoyi, but then he say girls look ugly with watch. and he insisted that watch are for guys. :( WHYYYYYY, I want a watch. I still can't get over it. LOL.

Right now, I'm dying to shop. Argh, I just had my history paper and the rest of the papers left are mcqs. So it'll be weird if I say like, "hey let's study, for mcq..." but guess what, I feel guilty not studying for them cos yeah, for once Mrs Whelan is right, we can't afford to not do well for mcq. I mean like, it's just choosing A B C and D, if you can't get that right, isn't it such a disgrace? LOLOL. K too extreme. kekeke.

Opps, I apologise for bad grammar. Really, after my olevel english paper, my english is really all over the place. HAHAHA, I dont have the mood to speak good english anymore. Ok, but maybe after blogging consistently for some time I'll get my english feel back :D

Ahh, nothing much to talk about anymore cos I wanna keep this post short as well. I should be on my way to Maria's house now! HAHA, I'll update you readers after my olevels end officially. By then I should be sooo busy with actitivites, and I'll have things to talk about. HAHAHA, SEE YAAAA. I LOVE CHAOYI. KEKEKE.

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