Saturday, August 20, 2011

You don't have to believe me.

HI EVERYONE, omg I really miss this space alot. So many things for me to rant about right now, I really apologise for not being able to update this little space and also update you guys about my life. Sighs, alot of things happened recently. Some good some bad. I'll just tell you the good ones alright.

Our school just got back out Olevel Mother-tongue results. I was really nervous. Many people kept telling me not to worry so much cos I'll definitely do well, but that didnt help much. I was still very very worried. I even thought there might be some fault or something and I'll get an F9. LOL, yeah that was how worried I was. And the results slip is just a strip of paper. It didnt feel official, but I'll still keep that paper safely. It's my first A1 for now! Definitely my motivation to get straight As, HAHAHA abit ridiculous but you never know if you never try. It's really crazy how much hadwork can give you. Really. Some people never try cos they're afraid of falling, that's a pity. If you never try, you'll never know what you're truly good at. TRY PEOPLE TRYYY! Oh I just realised I didnt really tell you guys my grade directly. HAHAHA, I GOT A1!!!! I was so happy I cried. HEHE.

Well, I'm actually quite disappointed in my class. I can safely say the Ms Siti and I were not the only disappointed one. Among 27 distinctions in the whole cohort, our class actually has 10 of them. WHICH IS VERY VERY GOOD! And guess whatttt. Just one F9 pulled our whole class down. It's really sad to know that only some of us are trying, what about the rest. Maybe the person who got an F9 doesnt even care. When Ms Siti talked to us, I really wanted to just stand up and say something. But I guess I'm in no position to do so. I just feel sad that the rest of my class are taking everything so lightly. D: I can't do anything right now. The only thing I can do is to do well myself, if I do well I contribute to the class, if my contributions to the class is tied down by others, I guess I have nothing to regret as well cos the results is mine. True enough.

I guess I have to go now. So sorry that this is a short post. LOL, i'm not sure how many of you will read this as well. I'm quite certain that I lost alot of readers D: Nevermind, I'll get back to you guys after Olevels.


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