Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hais, yea I'm sighing ):

I shall roughly tell you about what happened this week in school okay. The only interesting things that happened are the Bio Spa Assessment 1 and the CNY Celebration.

I think Bio Spa was quite a breeze, of course I did took a few sneak peeks at other people's work when I'm not really sure what to do. For exmaple, I really didnt know what are the small beakers for. Cos we didnt need to use any during our practical. And whether we used it in the end or not, I dont think it made a difference. And I didnt really know how to fully make use of the two burettes cos I did everything nicely with only one burette. LOL, maybe that one is just in case of emergency. HAHA. I didnt know what to do with the droppers as well, I tried looking at how others use it, but failed. LOL. My graph and everything turned out quite nicely. I wondered if people realised they didnt ask for percentage change, they only ask for the change in lenght. I felt like a god when I realised it. MUAHAHA. HAHA. And now I realised I wrote my cell sap concentration as 0.325, and I was wondering how I could get it out so accurately. Yea, I think I read the graph wrongly. It should be 0.33, HAHAHA. But nevermind la, one mark for Mr Chong. My birthday present for him. JACK BIEBER FEVER, WOO.

Chinese New Year Celebration yesterday was great! LOL, eventhought half the school didnt think so. But I believe (OMG I TALK LIKE MR CHEE, HAHA) that you have to put in effort to make something enjoyable for yourself also. It's like if you dont make an effort to feel entertained or laugh right, no matter what funny jokes a joker can tell you, you wont think it's funny. Just like how if you dont make an effort to love something, you wont enjoy it. Loving something isn't hard, it's just yourself. Anyways, I love the class noticeboard decoooorationsssss. I dont know why but I'm swaying and dancing while typing that. LOLLLL. I love how the whole class are involved in anything at all! Like, the chinese caligraphy (correct spelling?), the flower rabbits, the paper cuttings, the two datouwawas, the paozhum, the collage, and the Zenith class decor. HAHAHA, I really love the class spirit. It's not like last year, everyone would be like "I have nothing to do." and we ended up having to present an unfinished noticeboard. So this year, CHENG GONG! (SUCCESSFUL) HAHAHA. I just laughed at Chongwei's 'eggcake' (ji dan gao). LOLOLLLLL. Anyway, I think this year our noticeboard is nice. 4-4's one also naice la, nevermind, we open up fair fight. HAHA, I'm glad everyone else loved the noticeboard as well.

CNY CONCERT AFTERWARDS WAS ABIT FAIL, many people were unhappy with the biased emcees. Yea, they're kinda biased. I think like what jiao said, "It's either they're biased or they're shortsighted" HAHA, cos they never pick the people at the back one. And when the back people come running to the front, and in fact they didnt get chosen, it's damn embarrassing okay. I understand how that feels. Oh ya, and I was talking to Sheela during the concert. I once got chosen to go up the stage to answer questions before, the very first time. It was when I'm in primary school, I was a prefect in p4. And there's this 'magician' on the stage, asking for the curse to a magic, AIYA WHATEVER LA. But I still remember the answer, it's "FIRE FIRE WATER". HAHAHA, and I raised up my hand. Like just put up only, and the magician from the stage said "HMM, I want the girl at the side with the cute short tie." Cos our prefect tie for girls is short short one. HAHAHA, and I got a powerpuff girl file for that correct answer. Actually the thing I'm more afraid of when going up the stage is.. I scared I will fall down when climbing up the stairs. So far, I dont think it happened to me before, but still it will be so embarrassing right!Imagine you fell, and the next thing you know it, you're kissing the stage's floor. Somemore so dirty omg. HAHA. Sheela and I were being damn high during the concert, and laughing and getting irritated by the super tall guy infront of us. I was one of the few throwing sweets around nearing the end of the concert. MUAHAHA. And that orange balloon came from our class also. OUR CLASS IS SO NOTTY! HAHAHA. I remember when I was in primary school, I really thought naughty was spelled as notty. Omg i'm damn noob. HAHA.

Went with a few of W2F8 peopurs to cwp to watch THE GREEN HORNET. Initially I wanted to watch it so much is because I wanna see Jay Chou talk in english. But turned out the show was boomz. DAMN NAICE, EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT! (My usual phrase after watching a movie. It's just that the movies I watch are too nice okay. HEHE.) I FREAKING LOVE THE ENDING, DAMN NICE. I LAUGHED FOR A GOOD 5 MINS AT THE ENDING. REALLY, I THINK IT'S MY MOST HAPPY AND SATISFIED ENDING. HAHAHAHAHA, I dont think Jay Chou is handsome (hands up to those Jay Chou fans), but he look kinda hot when he fight la. And I quite like him in the suit, with the black hat one. I love all the black babes, damn coolz. PLEASE WATCH IT ^^ You wont regret. LOL, Jay's english not bad!

Rushed home for reunion dinner after the movie. DA BOOMZ AGAIN, I was really sad to be the second one to give up. HAHAHA, our family plays this game everytime there's a steamboat. Whoever leaves the table because he/she is too full, is the losarrrr. And this time, Xintien is the loserrrr. HAHAHA. -puts finger L to forehead- but the food all damn nice, I'M FINALLY ALLOWED TO DRINK WINE COS I GROW UP ALR. I drank alot siah, until me and ahgong go abit crazy. HAHAHA. I love my ahgong, he's so cute.

Went to bainian today, the second photo was what I wore this cny. I like it, eventhought it's not exactly what I planned to buy. I initially wanted something like this, but it's shorts instead of skirts. But then my sister say below look swollen T.T But anyway, had vegetarian breakfast in the morning. Supposed to be vegetarians for half day, but we accidentally eat until meat floss. OOOPS, so as usual, we heck care and just eat whatever we want already. LOLOL. I couldn't stop eating at one of the houses, so nice. I didnt want to leave that house. HAHA. I was full just by eating the snacks la. And I was so tired that I slept from 5 to 9pm just now. I already feeling tired now already. OMG IM A PIG. HAD FUN PLAYING WITH MY UNCLE TODAY. We ate one of the egg rolls, damn nice! And we eat eat eat, keep say last ah, but then keep continue eating. And when we finally ate the last one, we look at our shirt. HAHAHA, all the crumbs everywhere.


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