Saturday, February 5, 2011

A story that was never told.

Hmm, I definitely had a fruitful chinese new year holidays spent with my friends. Hongye, Xiaojun, Pantita, Maria, Sheela, Jiawei, Jonathan, Zhengyu and Zhonghao. I shall cut the long story short okay, cos I have more important things to blog about. Or rather necessary, not for anyone to change their opinions of me or anything, I just wanna speak honesty this time. Eventhough I have always been speaking honesty, wf.

Hokay. So Pan Hongye and I went over to Xiaojun's house on Friday afternoon to bainian. They came to my house afterwards. They stayed for dinner. Then Pan and I went over to Maria's house to stayover. Sacha and Samantha were there, but they didnt stay over. We played Indian Poker. Oh ya, we met Huilin. For the first time, and we can already go crazy together. It was super crazy when we talked about Melvin Goh. HAHA, and she plays the same position as me. We were like, OMG? You play subset too? And she said she's from NYH. And I'm like, oh I have seniors there. You know Tingshan? You know Stephanie? Then she went like, OMH YOU KNOW STEPH? I think she's damn pretty. And I mentioned her ex, damn hot guy. And SHE JUST SCREAMED. LOL, OMGOMGOMG? YOU KNOW MELVIN GOH? OMG, HE'S DAMN HOT. HAHAHA. And then we went google search for his photos. HAHAHA. She's damn cute. And she and wencan look so alike, esp now that they both have bangs. HAHAH. Nice knowing her. Zhonghao and Zhengyu came with the intention to gamble, they didnt intend to stay overnight. But they did in the end. LOL, blame themselves for coming so late. We watched Taxi Tonight afterwards, I heard it as Sexy Tonight. And I went like, walau confirm have porn one la. And they were like it's TAXI? What porn? OOOPS. HAHA.

The movie sucks, seriously. Damn draggy, and yes there's some sex scene. -,- We slept for awhile, I think about 20mins? LOL, and we woke up to play cheat. I won twice and lost once. Damn irritating to play with them la, they got the cards but they dont put one. They put other cards, then super irritating walau. But I did got the hang of THEIR game at first, but then it really got on my nerves so much. I didnt dare to catch them cheating, and they always challenge also. WALAU. I forgot what happened afterwards but G.I. JOE is boring and I slept for almost the entire movie. Me, pan and sheela shared a couch. Damn funny, our legs went all over Pantita. SHE LA, spread the virus to me. HAHAHA, make me wanna put my leg somewhere also walau. LOL. I didnt know what happened afterwards. The next thing I knew when I woke up was colgate on my face T.T I was abit irritated la, like lazy to wash, but still have to get up to wash, cos it's like so sticky and I dont know how to say la. LOL. And I saw JON on Jonathan's arm, siao. I think half the colgate tube gone. HAHAHA, and Zhengyu look like he's gonna do facial mask. HAHA, and Jiawei has a few dots on his face as well. Super funny. Jon said he woke up cos he felt his arm burning. Zhengyu just rubbed it off and continued sleeping wth. LOL.

Woke up, and the rest of the guys left in the morning. Sheela, Pan and I stayed to watch Horror Movie 1 and 2. Ooops, we slept again. HAHA. Woke up to shower and then we slept again? I really forgot. But the last time we slept, Sheela was gone. Left with me and pan only. So we left afterwards too. Damn fun, we spent almost a day at Maria's house. And Maria's house felt like home to me, I think it's because of Noel! He's so cute, he's the one in the photos on top. Damn cute, and I think he like me -smirks- HAHA. He shouts when I tickle him. Whereas my brother laugh like mad. LOL. And Noel is so obedient, I ask him come to me, he come. My brother... ignore ): LOL.

Spent my Sunday at Xiaojun's house. Of course I didnt forget her birthday. I wrote an essay for her, YES! She was abit touched. I bet she's lying. She must be damn touched. HAHA, whatever that is, that letter was from the bottom of my heart. And everytime I say bottom of my heart, it reminds me of the song ~from the bottom of my broken heart~ I dont know if there's such a song, but I just like to sing it everytime I write those words. HEHE. Finished my homework at her house, for like the very first time. Finished Chemistry revision as well. WOO. And we had icecream. I bought for her Walls Strawberry Sorbet Icecream, if I'm not wrong. But it's nice la. HEHE. I also bought a dream catcher for her. Ooops, but I think her dreamcatcher is nicer than the one I bought for Sacha. HAHA. But Ariani's one is damn nice too! I quite like hers, k to be fair, I like everyone's ^^

Btw, I really dont like how people are making up stories behind my back just to make people hate me. I dont really wanna care anymore, I have all my friends around me. SO CAN YOU NOT LET ME CARE? I shall learn to be generous, I wont hate anybody. Eventhough some fucking people thinks I'm a damn good brainwasher. Oh please, if I'm really such a good brain washingmachine, everyone would be siding me now right? But for this case, it seems abit ironic dont you think? I know somebody out there is damn capable of being a washing machine, I know who you are. I dont hate you, I dont hate anyone. I can just tell everyone not to side me, just go side you and your bloody story. People who're gonna ask me what happen, I'll just tell them to go to you and listen to your side of story okay? I know who you're thinking I'm referring to, no I'm not referring to you or her. I'm referring to someone else that nobody would ever think about. Seriously, the stories are getting way off. Can't you think of something more realistic? Maybe you'll never learn, you'll never be thankful for whatever I'm doing even after knowing my intentions, but I dont care already. Hokay, I think I overused 'I DONT CARE'.

So at least I know how to be there for a friend when she needed me most, and you don't. And if you ask me if I ever regretted being there for you during that period of time, my answer is no. Eventhough it didnt seem worth it.

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