Saturday, February 12, 2011

What are friends for?

Things were great nowadays. Things are back to normal, exactly how it used to be, and exactly how it should be. People cry, people get hurt, people got mad. I just read the latest post on Max's blog, gosh it made so much sense. It's like he elaborated the things that I wanted to say so much, guess I was too skimpy with my words. But seriously, I dont know la, but for a moment, I felt like crying when I read his post. Qianwen came over to my house yesterday, we talked about school life. It's really sad, eventhough things are back to normal now, or even better than normal. Guess we can't really expect the best outcome all the time. This is good enough. Stepping down doesnt really mark the end of my volleyball season. I still wanna play volleyball. Eventhough I might have told some of my friends that basketball was on my mind as well. YEA BASKETBALL. HAHAHA. I've been thinking alot about Graduation Day lately. Thinking about what I'm gonna write in all the cards for my friends. I wont be writing for ALL my friends, cos I can die doing that. I will just write for the people I really have things that I wanna tell them, and I hate to think this way but it might be the last time some of us will ever talk to each other. So everything will be the truth, no more hiding. I've kept many things to myself, many truth, many lies. What's the point right? Especially when I'm gonna leave the school, might as well just burst everything out. Dont leave any regrets. I think I want people to tell me the truth also, ya truth hurts like shit. But pain is good. LOL, sounds so familiar. I think someone told me before "no pain, no gain". HAHA, I only remember the words, but dont know who tell me one.

Anyway, updates about my life this week. Damn busy, I had to stay back almost everyday in school. I wonder what Ms Lim wanna talk to our team about. I'm quite disappointed in my tests recently. I didnt score full marks for my chemistry test ): Yea, I was aiming full marks. And Amaths test didnt seem hard to me, but I got B4. )): And I got A2 for Emaths test, I wanna get A1 ))): And I think I'm gonna flunk my Physics test, cos I dont understand a single thing. What magnitude, omg. I left that question blank, and I made up the definition of gravtional field. ))))': WHY LIDDAT. I really studied leh. I was actually quite pleased with myself for being able to finish all my amaths and emaths homework within the due date. I didnt procastinate and did it immediately on the day itself or the next day. I didnt let my homeworks accumulate. Cos I made a damn irritating and reminder to myself. LOL, wanna know how ah? I wrote all my assignments in my student handbook. I will try to break them up into reasonable bits, so that it will seem alot. And another reason is also cos everytime I do finish one part, I can tick the assignment to indicate that I finished doing it. IT GIVES ME A SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT. And if you compile all the assignments up into one or two assignments only, you wont feel like doing it. Cos you will think like, aiya so little only. Or you will think, I do so long then only finish one. That kind of thing you know. AIYA, dont know if that will work for you, but it works for me. And when I couldnt finish the homeworks given today by today, I will add it to the next day's assginment list. LOL. I know I'm irritating la, but at least this method helps me to finish my homework.

I find Mr Lim really sarcastic. Some people may find his sarcasm funny, but I really find it insulting. We're in 4E3 not because our intelligence is really superior to others you know, it's because we chose to take triple science. That's all. Why must teachers keep thinking that students in 4E3 must be the smartest and most well-performed class. I think students in other classes are smart also what. I just hate teachers who keep comparing us. We're not things, we're human. How would you like if I compare you to a dog. Pfft. Dont like right, then shutup.

Oh ya, I've been wearing skirt up to my knees already. I was actually quite pleased with myself. But the only reason why I would change my cullotes is because I didnt wanna trouble Ms Siti anymore. Not because of anything else. Our school rules are getting ridiculous.

  • Not allowed to use long wallets.
  • Not allowed to put too much clips on our hair.
  • Not allowed to tie our ponytails too high.
  • Not allowed to stuff shoelaces.
  • Indians cannot have fringe. (WTH T.T)
  • Must eat vegetables.

Super ridiculous. OH NO, it's LUDICROUS. HAHAHA, new word I learnt during English lesson. A guy got sent to the borderless (detention) because he didnt eat vegetables. WALAU. And Mr Chong so bad la, he say I no boyfriend because nobody want me. LOLOLOL. And my sister told me about the history of JACKBIEBER. When Mr Chong had hair like Justin Bieber, damn shuai. And he keep flipping his fringe. And the whole biology class would greet him as GOOD MORNING JACK BIEBER. And his reaction? Flip his hair like a bieber. HAHAHA. Apart from Ms Siti, I think I like Mr Chong. ^^ That time when I (was forced to) join the Bookmark Competition held in the School Library, the theme was TEACHER'S DAY. LOL, cool themez. And I drew one for Mr Chong you know. But he say "where got, I never see." CHEY, walau. And people say they saw him jogging before, but I can't really imagine him jogging leh. You can meh. HAHAHA, nevermind. I see how JunAn run, then I imagine. Btw, JunAn is Mr Chong's look-a-like. HAHAHA.

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