Friday, December 17, 2010


I realised I forgot to blog about Thursday night. HAHAHA. I went to a funeral. It was the first time I actually went to a funeral. Cos all my relatives are alive, I've never experienced the feeling of having somebody gone like, they're no longer in your life anymore. Anyway, it was just a typical chinese funeral under the blocks. And the person who died is my *breaths in* great grandmother's god sister *phew* LOL, okay la, the name not that long. Hopefully I got it right. LOL. I was abit scared at first, cos I watch tv too much -,- I imagined all the relatives like crying and damn sad all those. But it turned out quite okay. OH BTWBTWBTW! She's 97 years old! I did visit her during the last chinese new year. So it seems like we wont be visiting their place this year. D: She's really nice, but I've never gotten a chance to really sit down and talk to her. Oh ya, we had to give our blessings to her (I think? Something like that la.) by offering joss sticks. And I think it's her daughter? She knelt before us when we were offering them. The adults were like asking her to get up, thinking it's not really necessary, but she persists. Then we got a chance to see the face of her, okay, I call her 'LAO ZOU KIM'. Don't ask me why, my father called her that too. I was abit scared when approaching the coffin, but at the same time quite curious. I had a really lousy spot, cos Xinlerk and my father took the most outstanding spot, and obviously they got a better view. But I was not scared after looking at her face, it looked quite normal, like she's just sleeping. And I find it damn cool afterwards. Also, I got to know alot of superstitious things about going to funerals. Before going, my ahma gave each of us a nail, and she said we had to throw it somewhere after the funeral, before we reach home. And during the funeral, we were given red strings to tie to our fingers loosely, it will fall out on its own after sometime. Anyway, that's about it. RIP LAOZOUKIM. Loves.

I woke up damn early in the morning. Was freaking tired and I literally pulled myself out of bed. Reached school and realised wts? Noone's there except for the Games Commitee members. Was not really close to them so I didnt join in. Waited at the canteen near the toilet for Jiawei. -,- Like was damn bored la, if I never come I should be sleeping soundly. Aw so cute. HEHAHAHAHAHAHOHOOO. Jiawei finally came, had to sort out some stuffs. Jiawei and I were given the shopping list and keys to the STJOHN room to find some of the BBQ stuffs. Jiawei was practically slacking there la. I made him count forks. HAHAHA. And we didnt know how to open the metal cupboards, but figured it out in the end. After sorting everything, Ms Siti came in. And she left after awhile, asking us to wait inside the room. I think we waited for about half an hour plus? But we were chatting about alot of things. HAHA, I took a sneakpeek at Jiawei's phone. He keep all the messages and stuffs. And I read all the convers between him and me. I didnt even remember smsing him and stuffs. And it started when he asked me to remind him to pass up homework. He damn slack in class la, everytime never pass up homework. So me, being veh veh naice, reminded him. Then we said alot of jiao things to each other, and I was laughing when reading them. And the sign of laughing at previous text messages meant that I grew up again! HAHAHAHA. And that's like wonderful news?! HEHE. And I'm taller than Jiawei, and he's only like 50+kg? OMG, sure cannot find gf alr. HAHAHA. Ms Siti finally came, and we took the taxi to ShengSiong. Sheela has been waiting for us like, one hour? LOL. Bought the necessary stuffs, had fun fooling around at the same time. Went back to school, put all the stuffs and went home. Accompanied Sheela to cwp to takeaway her lunch before heading home. Gossiped la. LOL.

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