Saturday, December 18, 2010


Woke up super early in the morning today, and I swear it's damn early. NORMAL SCHOOL TIME SIAH. Met up with the rest of the team at 7.15am outside breadtalk. I was super tired during the journey, even Alison could tell. Slept on the bus to Yuying Secondary school. Oh ya, I forgot to mention that we met up for a friendly against Yuying Secondary School. The only vague memory of that school is that super pro player with the short bob hair. She graduated, luckily. LOL. But it was super scary when we reached their sports hall, and the seniors were seated at one corner. All of them look so old and mature and lastly, TALLLLLLL. So we were abit scared la, but turned out they're the alumni players. The match was quite okay. We, both c'div and b'div managed to take down a set or two. I was recording the statistics, pfft. Too many games to write, until my hand very pain. But Alison's pen is really nice to use, ^^ somemore can erase one. Me and qiuheng so amazed. HAHAHA. I got really tired and left Qiuheng to write the statistics for the last set. I think overall the friendly was okay ^^. Had lunch afterwards at AMKhub, MOSBURGER. WOOO, with Qiuheng and Eden as usual. It's been so long since I ate Mosburger. It was ever since the one at cwp closed down -,- When is the renovations gonna end? I hope pizzahut comes back. And mosburger also! WALAU, so little food. They should just burn cwp. D: K i'mjokingreally. Went to buy KOI MILK TEA afterwards. My sister, xinlerk, keep saying coconut jelly damn nice. Eden went to try it, it's really nice! HAHAHA. Bought just a small cup, cos we just had milk tea at mosburger. Took bus 169 back after Eden went to DB and Qiuheng went to borrow coins to take bus. LOL. Of course before that we went to XB. Halfway through the journey, I wanted to XB like mad. I think it's from the mosburger milk tea and koi milk tea. I was so urgent that I alighted at Yishun Mrt Station. Eventhough it's like we're gonna reach cwp soon. But plus the aircon in the bus so cold, really, I dont wanna be like somebody who pee in public. HAHAHA. But really, TBT that kind one. Rushed to the toilet. Then the three of us slacked for awhile, walked from Yishun to Sembawang. Chatted alot alot alot. Then finally we sat down under a block, and chatted about super many things. LAUGHED OUR ASS OUT SOMETIMES. Esp at Eden. She laugh like what like that. HAHAHA. Before going home, or on our way, whatever. Eden and I took unglam photos of QIUHENG! HAHAHA, still thinking if I should upload them. I SHALL UPLOAD THEM IF QIUHENG DOESNT RETURN ME MY MONAYYYY! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Btw, will be going for 3Zenith Class Camp tmr! Gonna be back only on Tuesday. But will be bringing my phone. Just packed my bag. I'm only gonna bring two sets of clothes, cos I realised there's only two Bath Time. Was not really looking forward to it leh. I think I will be damn tired. LOL. Need to wake up early tmr also. WALAU. MY BEAUTY SLEEP D:

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