Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I lost a friend.

Monday, 6december

Had friendly match with Fairfield Methodist. Havent really heart much about the school, maybe cos it's not in the same zone as us. I was abit disappointed that I wont be able to participate in the game. Aww, like who wouldnt be disappointed right? D: That school is all the way at Dover, damn far. Took the train all the way there. It's really really cool to see all the bdiv teammates with the same bags. I was really excited, but it seems like i'm the only excited one. AND I DUNCH KNOW WHYYYY! Everyone should be excited ma. Chh. K, back to the game. All of us claimed that their court is smaller. But Coach beg to differ. Pfft. I got a view from the outside, and like what coach say, I had alot of comments. HAHAHA, seriously. Maybe it's because so far, the only thing I can do is comment comment comment. Cant play, cant write, so talk lo. My mouth is damn precious now. HAHAHA. Debrief was great I guess? I voiced out many things, but I hope my teammates wont take it the wrong way, personally or negatively. ^^ And I like the way coach addressed me as the 'assistant coach' that day. It made me feel important! HAHAHA, and it's like eventho I'm injured, I get to be part of something you know! But even if I'm left out or something, I'll make myself feel included anyways. HAHAHA, dinner at breeks \m/ My first time eating at breeks. HAHAHA.

Tuesday, 7december

Had circuit training in the morning. I realised I shouldnt be finding excuses to miss all the physical trainings, because I may be injured, but it's just a finger -,- It's not as though I'm really disabled until I am entitled to the handicapped seat on the mrt. LOL. I can still run and stuffs. I did 180 situps in total that day to compensate for being unable to do pushups and burpees. Yeah I only did situps and burpees. Lunch afterwards was great. HAHAHA, girl gossips ftw. I can therefore conclude that girls will never be best friends if they dont gossip. If anyone out there beg to differ, this is for you: stop lying to yourself ^^ HAHAHA. 13december ah! TEEHEE. Ball training was obviously boring for me. I even brought my biology textbook to revise on chapter 10, respiration. Cos I honestly dont know wth Ms Lui was yakking about in class. Pfft. Just like, reading through and stuffs only. So that I can finally get to finish my biology homework! I got so bored from revising that I decided to throw my textbook aside for awhile and play volleyball. Yea with my left hand duh. I started out like a noobie -,- But then afterwards was quite okay, I get a few consecutive perfect balls. And perfect balls mean like hit whole palm, and the ball is not like aeoroplane that kind. Is hit down one. LOL. K what a description. HAHAHA. And I tried serving! GOT ONE BALL OVER OMG! HAHAHA, I was really jealous after seeing Max serve with left hand. Really, and he serve like chicken like that only. Chhh. After training, the bdivision met up again at Eunice's condo. It's suppose to be volleyball outing, but it turned out more like a gathering instead. HAHAHA. They ordered catered food, quite naice. HAHA, but I've got no appetite, that's why still left alot of food! LOL. ME AND YUPING, THE TWO GLUTTONS, GOT NO APPETITE. AWW D: LOL. Played murderer, very funnnn! But I only got to be the murderer like twice?! LOL, sian ttm la! And I never got a chance to work with my usual murderer accomplice, CHAN CHAO XIN. HAHAHA, if not we sure own the game siah! HEHEHE. Then played the games planned, like finally. Always plan alr but never play one. HAHAHA. I didnt play with the flour, because I dont know leh. Like no mood to play, then I keep using my finger as an excuse. HAHA. Chatted awhile afterwards, some of them left early. THANK YOU ALISON AND CHAOXIN FOR SENDING ME HOME, LOVES :D Went online that night, and I hate chongwei ttm. -,- lame shit. WASTE MY TIME EFFORT AND SLEEP! WALAU.

Wednesday, 8december

Went to the doctor in the afternoon, met Ms Lim. ARGH, I need 6 weeks to recover. Seriously, chongwei owe me bigtime. -,- I'm really afraid that I wont be able to take part in the north zone, it's my last year alr. I will be so sad, I swear. I didnt expect such a long recovery time for my finger. D: Anyways, let's skip to the fun part. The physiotherapist made a new splintor for me, and it's like so cool! The way she make the splintor la, HAHAHA. Ms Lim was amazed as well okay! Then I took the shuttle bus from the hospital back to Yishun Interchange. NOT BAD HOR, got shuttle bus leh. I went to Northpoint to buy my subway, and got lost for awhile. HAHAHA, and there got strawberry shortcake mini concert, so cute! THEIR VOICE DAMN CUTE! Took the train to Rasyidah's house afterwards. WTH, they playing monopoly. LOL. And I'm eating my subway. HAHAHA. Played monopoly deal with nadia, I so pro. HEHE. LOL. Met the rest of the cliques at bns. Then MOVIE TIME! RAPUNZEL, omgomgomg. It's a definite must-watch show. I know I always say all the movies I watch are a must-watch, but srsly, RAPUNZEL IS AMONG THE BEST OKAY. So far, I've never heard anyone saying rapunzel sucks! WOOO. Damn long hair, and damn nice voice and damn nice big gorgeous eyes. *jealous* LOL. PLS WATCH IT OMG. Went home with Hongye and Xiaojun at night. :D

Sorry for this post, I dont know why I'm apologising, but sorry. Cos this is the second time I'm typing this post, the first time went wrong cos blogger had problem and it didnt autosave! MY GOD, hated blogger for awhile. But I love it back now. HAHA. SO I MIGHT HAVE MISSED OUT SOME NAICE AND INTERESTING PARTS. TOO BAD D: WAIT FOR NEXT POST KAY! ^^

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