Monday, December 6, 2010


3december2010, Friday

The day I landed in Singapore, 2dec, I was bombarded by a crazy amount of smses. Seriously. I was most concerned about 3dec. Know why? Cos it's Albert's birthday, and the few of us kinda promised him the whole day of fun plus overnight at his place. But turned out there's damn many stuffs going on on that day. We're gonna have our Annual Volleyball Alumni Gathering at WDP from 9am to 4pm. Of course its not complusory la, but it's always fun everytime we go back. Then we have friendly in the afternoon against Dunman Sec at NYJC. Can't miss that as well. And lastly, most importantly, Albert's birthday celebration. Then received Pan's text to text her when I reach SG. Yea, I will text her without her telling me to! HAHA. So her plan was to go WDP until lunchtime, then go friendly then go Albert's place. The timing so far was perfect because Albert said he's only gonna be free from 3pm onwards.

Yeap, so went over to wdp at 9am. The expected few people were there la, I know most of them. Just not the too young batches la, like those sec ones. LOL. There were so little people present at first, that it's only enough to play a game without substitutes. Exactly 12 people. Went up to the ISH. Slacked awhile, play ball. And that's when I broke my middle finger. Pfft. It went like this, I dont wish to explain alr ah. Too many people ask until I lazy explain alr.

I was setting balls for Pantita and a few others to free spike. Then Chongwei was at the opposite court spiking. Then I decided to block him. And I did like usual blocking la, but his hand like anyhow wack like that then hit my finger. Of course the tallest finger got hit, which is the most offensive finger -,- my god damn middle finger. Yea and guess what, right hand. Pfft. When Chongwei and I landed, we both growled in pain la. Cos his hand hit my middle finger damn hard, of course he also got injured la. But my injury was even worse than his. It's like common sense la. If I hit you, you more pain or I more pain? Get it? His index finger bled or something. BLEED ONLY! And I was like totally cannot move, my finger. I didnt think much at first la, like maybe awhile okay alr. But it started to swell and all that. D: I got injured before I even get to play one set la. Damn it. LOL.

But ultimately I did play one set, LOL. But it was more like an empty position. I went in cos nobody wanna play and I'm there to fill up the position only. HAHAHA. But I did receive a few balls can! Of course I cannot serve over la, I was afraid of worsening my injury. My team still won anyway. LOL. So I didnt make my team lose hor! Or maybe I'm the one who made my team win!? HAHA, k joke. LOLOLOL.

Was making fun of Junjie. HAHAHA, he left his phone under my care. And his gf text him, I asked if I can read, he said okay. Aiya, the message nothing much one la. Then I asked if I could explore his phone, he said okay also hor! So I was damn bored, since I cannot play ball ma, so I read EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE in his inbox AND sent messages. HAHAHA, and I discovered some things la. Like some secrets like that. Then I told Joshua. He didnt believe. Then we both questioned Junjie after the game. He omg la he. LOL, but *wink wink @ Joshua* CANNOT SAY OUT. HAHAHA. But it was damn fun teasing Junjie.

Danial didnt dare to lemme take care of his phone, damn it D; LOL. Received a text from Chaoxin saying that friendly was cancelled. Sorry, but I was damn happy after knowing that. Cos I knew I wouldnt be able to play with my injured finger.

Headed for lunch afterwards, came back and played the SPORTS WALL for awhile. Damn fun still, but sometimes I think quite lame. HAHAHA. Bought Albert's present during our lunch break. First thing on my mind was, I wanna buy a sports jacket for him. I have no idea why, but I seriously wanna get him a jacket. So went over to CHECK to check. LOLOL. This damn naice jacket with a damn naice price immediately caught my eye. Seriously, it's blue and purple. ALBERT, SHOW 'EM! LOL. It's damn nice la. I love it, Albert will love it too. HAHAHA. And it's only __DOLLARS! Albert wont read my blog right? HAHAHA, it's cheap la. But I shant disclose the price. Cos Albert got a nosey sister! HAHAHA, JOKE!

It was damn fun at Albert's place. LIAR GAME FTW! :D SEASON TWO LIAO! HAHA. I swear I didnt want the night to end, but I had to head home early. D: Sorry, family stuffs. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE. AW, and dont cry. HAHA, I was touched too. ^^ *hugs*

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