Saturday, December 11, 2010


WTH, k I just did a damn lame thing. I tried a tongue twister that says: Say 'Alpha Q' 10 times. And try it, you'll get what I mean. -,-

Friday, 10december

Had friendly match with Dunman Sec at NYJC. Qianwen and Xinlerk brought us there, k la, mostly it's Qianwen leading the way. LOL. And I was bored all the way as usual, cos I didnt get to play. And seeing Alison getting to play all five sets made me so jealous okay! D: HAHA. I was really amazed when I see the Dunman Sec #2, the freaking tall one. o.o She got into NYJC. She so tall, and she's funny. HAHA. The teacher-in-charge of volleyball, Mr Tan, is naice too. He very lame and funny, omg. LOL, seriously. Oh ya, we were deciding on our jersey colour the previous trainings. I dont want orange jersey, I dont like orange. -,- I know I dont like yellow as well, but it's faded yellow that I hate, it makes everything look old and dirty. But bright yellow is naice. I saw our seniors have one yellow jersey, it's naice! But actually I'm quite okay with it as long as it's not black anymore -,- From the seniors batch until now, I think I got about 4 black jerseys. Damn sian. I think letting Ms Lim choose the design is good enough, cos if we get to choose the designs ourselves, not everyone would agree with it. And like, excuse me, our team is shooo big .-. Anyways, I'm getting back my number 4 again. The last jersey I had when I was in the same team as Xinlerk, we both wanted to take like close numbers. We both wanna take like 5 or 15. HAHAHA. In the hope to confuse the referees or something. It would be fun la. But because we're the juniors and we had to let the seniors choose the numbers first, I got number 20 -,- And I had to exchange jersey with Shunyi, #3, because 18 is the number limit. And I dont like to share jerseys la, so I wouldnt be surprised if Shunyi doesnt like it. But she doesnt seem to mind. Then I was like, wondering if I will get to play in the northzone cos of my damn finger. Coach say it's hard to say, means I probably might be in the team. I was damn happy after hearing this la. But I promise I'll train damn hard, I dont want my last year to be wasted. :D Right now, all I can do is do alot alot of physical trainings. So that when I finally get to play, will hopefully maintain my standard or better still, improve! ^^ And yesterday, I finished my biology homework! I know it's totally not sensible for me to do biology homework first, but it's because I really love bio. I dont wanna end up dropping it. And even Ms Lim say, she got A1 for biology than the rest of the sciences. And that she dont understand why other people say bio is hard to learn. YAYYY, DANIAL READ THIS. ILOVEBIO. So that middle finger is totally not meant for people who loveeee bio! MUAHAHAH. Afterwards, I hope to finish my Social Studies, History, English. Cos all those can be typed out. I cant write, as in can a little bit. But my handwriting will be damn ugly, and it's damn torturing for me to write. So I'm typing all my homeworks out. So it will be a little difficult for me to do my maths. So maybe I'll do them when school reopens or something. MEANS THE TEACHERS WILL HAVE TO EXTEND THEIR DATELINE FOR ME! MUAHAHA. I'm not sure if that will happen anyways. LOL. Maybe dont need do la, hehe. And I wanna do Social Studies because the paper says the teachers will deduct 5 marks for late submission! LOL, so that one must dooo! As for my other two sciences, they require abit of calculations. But I'll see first la, if I have the mood. TEEHEE.

Saturday, 11december

Woke up at 7am today, training at 8.30am. I need half an hour to tie my hair, thank you. But training was cancelled suddenly, Ms Lim couldnt find the key. D: I was actually quite looking forward to training one leh. And I had to pull myself out of bed today, zzz. I couldve continued sleeping one siah!

Anyways, I wanna thank my teammates for the get-well-soon card! ^^ I really appreciate it. It made me miss trainings more, and I can't wait to join you guys back for training! But at the same time, you guys train hard alrights! :D LOVES.

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