Monday, November 15, 2010


Ahh, sorry for not updating my blog after so long. I've been coming home late recently, not very late la, but late enough. And I always had to wake up damn freaking early the next morning, so I slept early and didnt have the time to blog. SORRY! And I'm like having difficulty typing on the keyboard after using my BB to surf the net for the past few days. HAHA. There's nothing much on the previous days, but besically I've been busy over at WDP, refereeing for their Games Day. Cool shit, had loads of fun there. But at the same time tired ttm la.


Met the rest of the SCs at wdp, 7am. Frigging early la ._. Albert was already there, met Siewming at the traffic light. Pan was the last as usual. HAHAHA, we were just chatting away at the foyer. Then we sat down and chat somemore. Ms Lim settled us in one of the classrooms afterwards. Briefed us a little. I knew I was gonna be in handball. And guess what, my partner is Solomon and he's the first referee. Which means I'm like his assistant, because I'm the second referee. But in the end he didnt turn up. So OBVIOUSLY, I can't work alone. I attended only one training for goodness sake. HAHAHA, so I get to be grouped together with Joshua and Wanxuan. K, I keep calling wanxuan wanxin -,- And joshua had to repeated correct me. HAHA, but that morning was funfunfun ttm! Because they're only the three of us, plus one p5 timekeeper. So we got the exact number of people for each roles, so it keeps us occupied. Our timekeeper damn cute la. He was quiet all the way, the only thing he does was to come to us when its time to stop the game. And there was one time, when I was refereeing, he came up to me.

Me: is it time alr?

Timekeeper: no la, you see. *points at stopwatch* one minute was long siah.

And I was like L-O-L! HAHAHA, cute la! K la, as usual I was the kayu referee AGAIN -,- nvm nvm, it's okay. I'm cool. HAHAHA. But the p6s damn rude can, keep telling us what to do. Excuse me, I feel like shoving the red card in your nostrils so that you can shutup for awhile. WALAU, if only I can do that la! And there was one ball, Joshua anyhow.

*ball flys out of court*

Joshua: OUT BALL! Whose ball ah? *looks at me*


Black team: it's our ball, just now yellow hit out.

Joshua: Okay, black ball!

Me: walau, anyhow.

Joshua: Nvm, I trust them ^^

HAHAHAHA, I was totally speechless?! LOL. But overall, morning session was funfunfun! HAHA. I enjoyed it. But sadly, Joshua had to go for his choir. LOL, like W-T-H right?! He join choir when he's so sporty. I was laughing at him all the way during our lunch break time?! HAHAHA. Played volleyball in the volleyball court with Choonzuan, Pantita, Max, Joshua, Siewming and Leon. Teachers treated us, SCs, to McChicken.

Afterwards was the afternoon session, aiya. Wanxin joined my handball group. I think very boring leh. Plus we had like extra three more p6 helpers, plus wanxin is four siah. So many, then leave me nothing to do -,- Team manager got two, timekeeper and scorer actually is one job, then afterwards split into two for two person to do. Then two referees. Tell me what I can do la! Beginning was still alright! HAHA, I was starring at wanxin and wanxuan ref, and I told Mr Max Chua, two referees with the same face. HAHAHA. And I gossiped with the p6 SCs. They baodou me in the end, and I was sabotaged -,- WALAU. Hate them liao, HAHA, joke! But sometimes I find them quite irritating, maybe cos I grow up alr la ^^ and that's a good thing okay!

K la, enough on Fridays. Nothing much, cos I've forgotten most of them. HAHA, thats all I can remember. FOR NAO. LOL.


Training (full stop)


Workkkkk. And I got my lime green gap shirt from my auntie! WOOHOO, *jumps around*


Wake up in the morning, feeling like p.diddy. Got out of bed, prepared and went to wdp again. More people came, LOL. Got Sarah, Serene, Chongwei, Kangraye, p6s etc. Aiya, just got more la. Settled down in one of the classrooms as usual, and went to our respective areas. Handball most shiok one la, in the hall. Indoor, then tagrugby and captainsball have to suffer under the hot sun with no shelter. The TR one even worse la, got muddy field! HAHAHA. Chongwei super cheater la, he exchange with Choonzuan, then he get handball. If not he captains ball one la, stupid loser. HAHAHA. Joke. Morning was quite okay la, I get to use the mike again. Like commentator of everything. HAHA, everything also use mike. LOLOL, fun leh! But the main point of the mike is to announce the next teams and classes la. LOL. But I like to play with it ^^ I have wanxin, wanxuan and serene ('09) in my group. Just naice, 4 person for 4 roles. I loike. I like it this way LOL. Serene look like yiting omg. I wonder is she know who yiting is. But she's a great help! ^^

Anyway, skip that mundane part. I met this cute p4 guy. He immediately caught my eye when I was taking attendance la. Damn cute, and so lucky. He's in my court! And he likes to sit right next to me, and I saw his name tag. His name is Derrick! Omg, cute cute cute little boy! And then everyone started calling me pedophile afterwards. I hate chongwei la -,- Walau, he started with that thing first! HAHA. I was cheering for Appreciative afterwards, cos its the little boy's class. LOL, they won 4th place. Not bad not bad! ^^

At the ISH, he came up to me, tap tap me on my shoulder and say : Chase me! Chase me!

HAHAHA, admit it la! DAMN CUTE RIGHT! WALAU. Nothing much afterwards, was damn high. That's all. HAHA, Siewming, bert, pan and I slacked in the library afterwards. Omgomgomg, I miss the library. I dont usually visit the library when I'm in pri sch la. I only like the book drop. HAHAHA. Chatted there until the library close. Then went to the ISH again, play tap tap. HAHA, the rest were playing balls. And wanxin yay-ed when a ball hit me, and made me lose my tap tap! GRRRR. Had to gather afterwards la, and our afternoon session began.

Aiya, boring la. I hate the p3s. They so dumb and irritating -,- I know i'm bad la, but it's the truth. And there're no other words to describe them. Pfft. At least the p4s still better la, and it's not because of derrick. LOL. I got abit frustrated when one of them threw the ball at me when I asked for the ball, and the ball hit my pen, and my pen cut my lips. I feel like killing them. I motioned for wanxin to come, but he's like a dumbass also. LOL. We had to coach the p6s in referee in the afternoon. Not too bad la. And I think court 2 is cursed? HAHAHA, there're about 3 injuries in our court. And court 1 has none. LOL. weird la, must be because of wanxin! CONFIRMED. Plus, during my refereeing, I saw kangraye coming in with our KOI MILK TEA. Totally distracted me la! Walau, I'm like watching him walk into the hall towards the stage. And I wished he would come towards me and say hi so that I could snatch that bag of koi milk tea. And at the moment, everything and everyone will freeze and I will finish all the milk tea. And when everything starts moving again, I'll be like.. 'nah, i dont want koi'. HAHAHAH! Walau eh, k la lame. Tsk. I couldnt help jumping around afterwards la, too happy got koi alr. I was like refereeing, and I see pan at the opp court drinking our koi. I feel like keeling her. LOL joke. But i wanna snatch that koi from her and say 'ALL MINE'. HAHAHA, but i didnt la. AND I REGRETTED THAT I DIDNT! She finished everything while i was updating the score board. BOOHOO, walau. I shout until one pearl fly from my mouth can. HAHAHA. But naice naice chongwei let me drink his. HAHAHAHAHA, MUAHAHAHAHHAHA! And I almost finished it, k joke. I drink a little sip sip only. At that moment (only), he's so naice la! WALAU, if only he's naice all the time can -,- HAHA. K la, joke again (last i swear).

I was the class manager of endurance afterwards. And since I get to use the mike to comment on games and etc. I supported endurance, and they say I'm biased. TSKKKK, jealous ah peapur?! LOL, but in the end i shutted up la. HAHA, shutted up. (sp/g/t) Debriefed in the philosophy room afterwards, and Mr Chua brought us to the ISH to play the whattt?! I dont know whats that, but it's the wall colour thing. LOL, damn cool. But bored after awhile la. More interested in balls. HAHA.

Slacked at minimart. Good old times la, before we go home everytime. Chatted alot, got abit agitated at some parts. Until Ms Lim came, and we left. Separate from the '06 batch.

Home tweet home after trip to cwp. ^^ Tmr's the last Games Day finale. I'm so looking forward to the big feast at lunch. MUAHAHAHA. Ciaoooozxsc!

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