Sunday, November 7, 2010

If life's a frown, I'll turn it upside down.

Had training from morning to afternoon. Overall was okay and much much better. My coach actually stalks our blogs. TEAMMATS! Alert alert. HAHA. Coach, I know you're reading this -,- LOL. The drill was abit tedious, but quite fun :D
Planned to stay at home to do homework, but guess my butt love Xiaojun's chair more. HAHAHA! Went over to Xiaojun's house with Hongye to do homework. I planned to finish my bio structured essay, I'm serious! But I couldn't finish it due to many many distractions. HAHA, esp SHINee? Hongye and Xiaojun were watching Hello Baby, and they got me watching it as well -,- Damn it man, now I think SHINee is so cuteeeee?! And we watched a few videos on Onew, k I dont know how to spell ._. Watched him sing out of tune and fall down during concerts. Freaking cute can? Walau! Learnt how to dance, the first part of lucifer. HAHA, actually not even the first part. Aiya, I just know how to shake my ass. I dont know how to catch tempo one. Suck at performing arts, eventho I was once a chinese dancer. YES YES, I joined cheena dance when I was p2. HAHA, i quited a day before the actual concert. Bad right, no la, actually quite cute. LOL. I was so sure I would make a scene on stage that time. :P Then we tried to split. HAHA, I can never split one la. Somemore that day I had severe muscle aches as I forgot to warm down the day before, after training. My butt is the most painful one la D: Home tweet home afterwards.
Woke up earrrrly in the morning for my biology extra lessons. Sian la, luckily it's the last extra lesson. -,- I cannot tahan Ms Lui leh, she keep SCREAMING into the mike. Like, the mike is loud enough can? If you have to scream into the mike, then tell me.. what's the mike for man? I couldnt take it la. After our break, we had to hand in our biology structured essay questions. Tsk, I never finish ma. Then the punishment is to stand at the back of the theatrette. WALAU, waste my time come for biology lessons already then still needa stand. -,- Pissed off alr la. But I can't believe my beloved guai Eunice actually talked back to Ms Lui for the very very first time. But what she said is totally true, thumbs upp. Shit, teaching her the wrong thing :P Lessons finally ended! WOOHOO.
Eunice accompanied me to cwp to fix my phone. K there's nothing wrong with my new phone okay! RELAX. HAHAHA, I must relax also. LOLOL, I just couldn't download the blackberry application world. And that person told me to call 1633. I did, and all I had to do was to actually take out my phone battery and sim card and wait for 20seconds. And then put them back in, and tralalalalalal~ can liao. HAHAHA. Eunice accompanied me to buy bubbletea from Each A Cup and do my screen protector. That girl is good ^^ It's the girl at the cold storage one. Help her advertise abit. LOL.
And then, I dont know why that day Eunice so damn good. LOL, she walked me home! WAHHH, so good lehhh! HAHAHA, but thanks la ^^ I love her!
Celebrated Ahgong and Ahma's birthday today at Odeon Tower. Yes, every year different restaurant one. LOL, that place is near bugis street! ^^ Oh ya btw, you know my grandparents damn cute la. My ahma is older than by ahgong by one day! HAHAHA, and they have the same age. SOOO CUTEEEE! :D We three sisters did them birthday cards. The food was nice, but got super many meat. And I hate the duck meat. And I never liked the noodles. Everytime got this kind of celebration at restaurants, I hate the rice or noodles one. Irritating leh, and like spoiler like that. I dont know why I feel that way la. HAHAHA. The dessert was nice, I dont like the cake. :X HAHAH, sick of chocolate cakes alr la. Every year same one. The only time I like the cake was when it was the banana with chocolate cake. Supaaaa nice ^^ And this years got fruits, special :D
Everyone was nicely dressed as usual. Photos are uploaded on facebook.
Went home to pee! Urgent, LOL. And went over to Hongye's place. SUCH COINCIDENCE! Pantita and I wore the same shirt that we bought together. And that day was also the first time we wore that shirt out. HAHAHA, awww. :D Nothing much, just chatted at Hongye's house and learnt how to dance for Run Devil Run. Naice man. I only know a few parts, now I forgot most of them alr :X HAHAHA. Went to eat dinner at 325 afterwards, saw Darren and his family. ZOMG, I still love his sister. And Darren is like the shortest and fattest in the family la! Trevor still look good ^^ He used to call me tomboy. -,- And his mum said I was gorgeous. TEEHEE.
Went to cwp afterwards, shopped around. Bought shoelaces for my new converse shoe. Oh yea, I bought a pair of converse shoe at the converse crazy sales in cwp on Saturday. It's naice okay, I love it. Xiaojun and Pan said it looked abit plain and looked like schoolshoe, so they suggest i better change the shoelaces. I changed it already, it looks nice. Thanks loves! Xiaojun, Pan and I even bought a tag for our schoolbags from minitoons. It says : Live the dream. COOL! And it's in pink. HAHA. Home tweet homes nao.

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