Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's locked forever, cos I lost the key.

Havent had any training this week. Coach couldnt make it. Had endurance training on Tuesday instead. We finished it within 31 minutes! Cool shit. I mean we know that we can do it quite fast, but no SO fast. LOL. And I believed I didnt see anyone slacking whatsoever.
Chemistry test was okay, we were actually talking during the test. LOL. I didnt take amaths test today as I had to leave class at 2.30pm to do my citizenship stuff. Yea, I'm becoming a Singaporean! Mr Lim was rather unhappy. But no choice la, it was very last minute. He gave me replies that made me think I'm irresponsible -,- I quarreled with my father over this yesterday. And the only reply he gave me was 'If your teacher dont release you by 2.30pm, ask him to call me. I'll talk to him.' LOL, like picking a fight like that. Bo bian, some of my friends who came to my house before thought my father was a loanshark.
And yeah, today was April Fool's Day! Had history lesson in the theatrette, and we tricked Mr Roy! We know Mr Roy is not easy to trick okay. We started off my making some noise, and giggling at him.
Mr Roy: Yea why? What is it?
Hengteng: Oh nothing nothing.
Mr Roy: Huh?
Hengteng: Just that your shoelace came out.
Mr Roy: My shoelace? *lifts his leg to look at his shoe*
LOL, his shoe have no shoelace oh god! HAHAHA, but he knew immediately it was an april fool joke. So funny. We wanted to trick him again to say that he never zip his pants, but failed. Cos I forgot to give the signal. Sorry everyone, to sheela and hengteng. LOL. I was busy paying attention that's why :D
Left class at 2.30pm while everyone was having their Amaths Test. Yea Mr Lim still looked unhappy. Nevermind about him. My father was waiting for the three of us to get into the car. And yeahhh, we're Sinagporean now. Xinlerk and I even had temporary IC made of paper. Lol. Yea I have IC before you guys. Nanynanypoopoo. I gotta have my pink IC soon :D HAHA. My younger sister and I were playing around, so funny. Esp when taking the photo, the coat was so big that she looked like a magician. I look smart okay. HAHA.
So, we became Singaporean on April Fool's Day. We're the Singapore Fools! LOL.

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