Friday, October 29, 2010

Drench yourself in words unspoken.

This week is interesting! Unlike last week. HAHA.

School will end at 12.30pm for the whole of this week, due to O'levels. YEAHHHH! Had training afterwards @ 5.30. I got 5 hours of free time. Was asking around to see who wanna play with me after school. HAHA, nobody D: But I met Qiuheng on my way out of school outside the councillor room and tagged along with her and Eden. Went to Admiralty KFC to eat. The renovations are done, but not much difference made leh, still so little seats one -,- Bought my usual Ultimate Value Box ^^ We chat alot siah. WALAU, I never knew I had so much to talk about with Eden. LOL, as for Qiuheng, -,- NEVER ENDING CHATS! HAHA. We stopped at Admiralty, not knowing where to go afterwards. LOL, so we called random people to ask if we can go their house. Asked Belinda, but cannot D: SO SAD. So we decided to take the train to cwp, and then slack at civic centre. We chatted for about an hour and a guard told us not to sit around there. So we walk to Republic Poly. Abit random to go there, but we have nowhere else to go. PLUS, it's near Eden's house! ^^ Chatted alot, told them ghost stories, and they totally LOL-ed at my not-very-scary-but-lame stories. CHICKEN RICE! HAHAHAHA! Eden laugh until so scary. Then we shared sad movies that we've watched. Eden doing all the talking, she summarize one story until still so long, talk for about 45minutes on the story know. But it sounds really sad and interesting, feel like watching already la! We headed to Eden's house afterwards, she went home to get her things and change while Qiuheng and I waited at the coffeeshop. Then we walked to cwp and took the train to Admiralty.

LOL, Eden and I dragged Qiuheng to send us to school. SHE LA, walk so slow. THEN WE BOTH LATE, but luckily no punishment la. LOL, but actually she quite pitiful la. Later she need to walk back home alone somemore. HAHA, but she walk damn slow la. Occasionally, Eden and I had to drag her and run you know. We paused for awhile when we're tired, because she is super heavy! HAHA.

Training was fun, I was damn high all the way. LOL, esp during the three mistakes drill. Eden's ball hit my thumb from the top at one of the set, I wanted to pause the drill to tell coach. But coach just went on serving the ball and everything and everyone thought I was playing a fool. I was really in pain you know, and nobody knew. LOL! Everyone keep shouting and shouting, I can't even hear myself. Until I cry then everybody crowd around. WALAU EH! Now my thumb still pain leh, thanks to EDEN! D: LOL, but I forgive you ^^

Training ended at 9pm. Damn late, Ms Lim reminded us to text her to make sure we're back home safely. And I was busy reminding everyone that I, myself forgot -,- So I owe Ms Lim 10 rounds around the hall. Congrats to me D: LOL.

School ended at 12.30pm just like yesterday. Went back to class late after recess with Pantita and was caught by Mr Yap. Had to see him after school T.T He really love to see my after school man. EVERYTIME, this year don't know see him how many times already la, walau. Nevermind. After school went to find him, almost forgot la, but Sheela reminded me. HE NOT EVEN IN THE HOD ROOM WALAU. Then nevermind, went to find Ms Lim to get my passport and pass her the form. AHHH, so many teachers complain about me D: Not only Mr Yap. SIANNNN, LOL. But I know of some teachers who protected me lehhh! HAHA.

Anyway, met up with Xiaojun and Pan after school at 3.30pm to check out our halloween costumes. Yea, we wanted to rent costumes actually. But the price very mean. LOL, so we wanna see first. Took the train to Boon Keng. Damn far, and we stood all the way -,- Sad life. Finally reached there, lost. HAHA, randomly took a bus that could take us to the Beneveer (spelling?) road. We were suppose to alight at the next stop, but we overshot and alighted at the stop after it instead. But Pantita spotted Masquerade as we continued walking towards to traffic light. HAHA, lucky us. Actually we alighted at the right stop, at the Eminent Plaza. LOL, we didnt even realise. The shop was scary, and it looked nice from the outside. But inside is a different story. It looked messy and dusty, I think. And I think the clothes are dirty. Ooops, but seriously la. I touch the clothes only, I think my hand dirty already. And the clothes are not very attractive anyway. Caught a prince costume, if only a hot guy would were that man. Seriously perfect, eventho it's in pink. But niceeeee ~

Left the shop afterwards and headed back to the bus stop. We were talking about what clothes we have at home that we could wear for halloween. I dont know what I'll be, a hooligan? Xiaojun's gonna be a schoolgirl I think. We headed to bugis afterwards to help Pantita find her costume. Bought KOI as usual, it's like a must-buy there. HAHA! We bought it eventho we were quite full :X Walked around, saw this dress made of quite a good material, quite thick with red slash. It looks nice, can be worn to halloween and normal wear also can. But it's $23. I managed to bargain until $20. But Pantita thinks it's still expensive. So we continued walking around, got high suddenly and jumped around singing and singing. A damn nice shoe caught Pan's and my eye. It's blue and yellow! I know you might be thinking.. childish colour combination. But hey presto! It looks nice overall okay, seriously. Like nice, and it's not really expensive la! But sad thing, there's no size. Only 38, and it's freaking small. Even my elder sister can't wear that. Oh ya, my elder sister got smaller feet than me and my younger sister. My younger sister got same feet size as me siah, she's a monstaaa. And she's younger than me by two years. Continued walking somemore, and finally we found a Zebra jumpsuit. K whatever, I dont know if it's a jumpsuit, but it's like the whole set together one. LOL, it's cute la! And it's $18! TOP AND BOTTOM TGT. Pan bought it ^^ Headed home afterwards by MRT. Bounced back so we could get a seat, I slept. LOL, was surprised Pan didnt slept a wink. HAHA. She's supposed to be more piggy than me leh! HAHA.

Home sweet home afterwards :D

Wednesday, TODAY!
Hmm, Mr Yap came to see me during home period today. Surprisingly, he spoke very very very very softly eventho he's known to be the loudhailer. Even louder than Zena. Serious! He want me to see him after school today, cannot find him must wait until can find him -,- Wth. Nevermind. Assembly was borangggg. Mr Siva so dumb, for nothing come and say me, then in the end he paiseh and walk away. -,- I almost slept la. Went back to class afterwards for Mother Tongue lessons. Watched a Malaysia comedy show. I used to read the series of storybooks when I was in Primary School. LOL, the boy is so cute! BUT DAMN FATTTT! And the malaysian accent damn deeep la! VERY FUNNY. HAHA.

Went back home after seeing Mr Yap. 250 word reflection. I KNEW IT! WALAU, actually he saw 500word one la, then he came to us and reduced it. He's quite nice actually ^^ HAHA, he never once scolded me when he told me to see him after school. Always talk only, and he dont nag. So everytime I see him, it's like 5mins and I can go. Short and sweet, i loike. We were super funny in the reflection, keep Woodlands Ring Secondary School. LOL, I think I wrote it about 4 times. but Mr Yap didnt say a thing. HAHA. And our reflection was roughly the same. He didnt mind. But he said if we're caught another time, it's 1000word and we'll be seated separately so he'll have two stories to read. LOL.

Gonna have Parent's Meeting later with the teachers. My father's going, not for the talk, for the report books only. LATER I TOP 10 HOW? Then my father never get to see me stand up and haolian. HAHAHA, but I dont wish to get my hopes too high up yet. Cos I might be 11th in place. Sighs.

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