Saturday, October 30, 2010

The rest is still, unwritten.

LOL, I'm gonna update about the Parents' Night part. I didnt get top 10. Because our bloody school focused so much on continual assesment and i-dont-know what attitude marks. I got 11th in place instead. WTH, my father says I got second-wife luck D: I dont want that. I got 10 for my L1R5, not bad la! Let's wait til O'levels, I'm gonna show the top 10 what I've got. HAHAHA. Anyway, it's really sad to disappoint my father again la. He didnt come for the talk, only for the collection of report books. And you know what, actually my father no need to be there one lo. I take the report book then can go already leh. Like so fast?! I prefer last year's where they talk to the parents and stuffs. (: Home tweet home afterwards.

Distributed the icecreams to the classes. I came down late as I was so engrossed, chatting with Sheela bitch. LOL, I lost track of time. HAH. Got to the canteen, completely lost. Don't know what to do siah. LOL, someone took my class, so I took Pan's class. She didnt come down yet. But she came down afterwards, so we both distributed together. It's to her class anyway. LOL. YAYAYAYAY, and I had two icecreams! Mango RMAO! :D:D:D

Outdoor training afterwards. Really hot, I can feel my face burning. Seriously, I swear if I caught an extra glimpse of that scorching sun, my face would've caught fire there and then T.T Then I applied sunscreen lotion. Pfft, much better. HAHA. I sweated alot man. Papa took me home afterwards ^^


Met Siewming, Albert and Pan @ BNS at 12pm. LOL, my sister and I were being stupid la. I was walking fast, then all of a sudden she overtake me. Then I tried to overtake her, can't. Then I started to run. And we both ended up sprinting towards BNS. HAHAHA, bert and sm couldn't figure out what we were laughing non-stop about. LOLOL.

Took the train to sembawang. Walked to Yishun Safra as usual. Minghwee and Kianshen were already there. Played the first game with Siewming. Like, obviously I lost right. HAHA. I lost all the games la. Was really engrossed with bert's itouch and iphone. HAHA, first thing when we didnt get our turn to play pool, grabs itouch/iphone and tap tap. HAHAHA. Like, never get bored siah. And I was damn pissed off while playing the Idiot/Moron Test. Goddamnit, irritating la! But I completed the first stage know! WALAU, pro here! Say yo! HAHAHAHA.

Minghwee left afterwards, without me knowing, so obviously he didn't say bye to me -,- LOL. Pan and I had fun playing the finger twister right! HAHAHA, damn idiotic la. But funnnnn! And tap tap, coooool~ LOL. Pan keep winning me D; Then there's this p6 kid, HE DAMN CUTEEEEEEEEEEE. My got, if only he taller la. Then is not cute already, is hot! HAHA. K., he's only p6 -,- And he won us 3 consecutive games. He even won Kianshen, mind you.

Left after awhile, but it was pouring outside. So we settled down at the ground floor. Some place to sit, and talked about bert's birthday plan. Who he plan to invite. And he showed us the two girls he wanna invite, he say very pretty. And he showed Kianshen the photo. And immediately first thing KS did was to enlarge the boobs. -,- Sick or what siah!? Then afterwards someone called bert, I answered it. Until I think it's something serious? LOL. And bert told us to run. It's the pool staff, she accused us for littering the area. HAHA, it turned out to be a prank I think. We ran towards the bus stop. And it was then that I realised I forgot my phone. I was like, k keep calm. Call my phone, and I couldn't feel the vibrations or even hear my ringtone. SHIT. I bugged albert and ks to run back to get my phone. LOL, and they came back smiling but without my phone. And guess what? Kianshen managed to stuff my phone into his wallet. It's that small siah! I didnt know my phone can be stuffed into sucha small wallet. LOL, I always know that when there will be a spot check, I can stuff my phone in my shoe. That's all. It's slim, and wont get squashed. No worries ^^

At the bus stop, we were all talking about bert's power balance. Cos he almost slipped and fall, but he said thank god he's got his power balance. It really helps? And ks tried it on, I felt like it's exaggerating. I tried it on, I think it makes no difference. LOL. Maybe it's cos you think it's gonna help you balance, and your mind is set to think that way. That whenever you have your power balance, you know. HAHA, I dont know how to say la. We chatted for quite awhile before realising the bus would never come. HAHAHA. WTH. Walked back to sembawang station and took the train to admiralty. Walked to bert's house afterwards.

Really had fun there siah -,- Ate our subway first! ^^ Was freaking hungry. K la, I forgot what else we did there. I remember playing table tennis. Damn fun. and I hit the fan with the controller. BY ACCIDENT. HAHAHA, and then I was laughing, and I hit the table behind me, and ks's handphone dropped. And then I was still laughing and I hit albert's palm, and his was holding his iphone. Meaning, I'm hitting his iphone. HAAHA, and he was like, "Are you that clumsy?!" HAHAHA.

Used imac for awhile before Xintien and Kas do their video. LOL. 5 mins okay! HAHA. Never exceed hor! And they were doing We Are The World, and me and a few others were waving our LEGS along with them. HAHAHAHAH! Damn funny. We got tired after awhile, and kianshen was like "1, 2, 3 change leg." HAHAHA. Damn cute and synchronised. LOL. AIYA, shall not disclose much. Video will be editted and posted soon on youtube and facebook by Kasandra Anika. LOL. TAG ME TAG MEEEEEEEEEEE! :D

Was freaking tired afterwards. We did 4 videos in total that day. Cool shit. Home tweet home aftewards, mama called to scream at us. LOL.

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