Sunday, October 24, 2010

The world can see us.

Nothing much today, my rashes totally recovered. Luckily I didn't spend the extra bucks going to the doctor. They're just gonna give me the same medication anyway. I've been sleeping alot nowadays T.T Woke up at nearly afternoon already, THIS CANNOT GO ON! D:

Stayed home the whole day during the weekends, it's killing me. I hate staying at home, I wanna go outtttt. But everyone's at training D: I contacted Xiaojun instead, and then the stupid storm came. Damn it so much, the rain is so big man. EH BTW, dont let the rain touch your skin guys! It's acidic, cos of the pollutants in the air. DANGEROUS!

I've got nothing to post about D; Cos nothing's interesting at home. I caught Final Destination 4 again on HBO, as well as UNINVITED. Still scared me eventhough I watched them before. HAHA. Went over to ahma's house just now, finished my Emaths homework. Bet many many people never do la. But I very guai one ^^ But I never do physics, which is so much more important. -,- Dumb me.

AND EUNICE LOH LI REN TOOK MY HANDBOOK HOME, or at least I think it's her. EH NO, I think I left it in school. Or somebody took it? Cos I recorded the teachers who donated money to us. Omg, omgomgomg. I hope someone took it, and return to me tmr! AHHHHH. K retarded. You know sometimes, (me and my sisters were talking about it just now.) I thought my sisters are beside me, and I talk to them. And then when no reply comes, I'll turn around and find that actually noone's there -,- And I'll laugh at myself for being idiotic.

BTW, I saw Junjie and Darren today. Darren and his girlfriend lasted quite long siah, thanks to me for being the cupid :D HAHAHA. It's Darren's birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I miss you all D; Went over to Xiaojun's house afterwards, it was raining again. D: But we still wanna swim. HAHA, stubborn heads right. We went to sauna first then went to swim. The water was freaking cold. And as usual, we didnt swim at all, never even kick the water -,- LOL, we sat down and chat. It's like usual routine. When she ask me out to swim, it's chatting time. HAHA. And I finally got the chance to return her her goggles. It's been staying with me like I-don't-know-how-long. HAHA. Went to eat western food and buy durian ice blend and went to her house afterwards. My father called not long afterwards to bring me to ahma's place.

I'M GONNA CHANGE MY PHONE SOON, BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT PHONE TO CHANGE TO. Leave a tag in my tagboard to give suggestions pleaseeee. THANKS ALOT ^^ I'm intending to change to blackberry, cos it'll never outdate. LOL, I dont want iphone. It'll outdate damn fast. It's like, I already find iphone 3 outdated. -,- I rather an indate (LOL, I create one.) phone plus an itouch :D That'll be good.

GAHHH, my younger sister bugging me to sleep already. GOODERNIGHTS ^^ (Chaoyi teach me one.)

Freaking hell go and die, why does it concern you so much anyway. Thank you very much for teaching me a lesson, eventhough it made me handicapped for awhile. I'm back up again, and it's my turn to crush you.

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