Friday, August 13, 2010

If it's alright with you, then it's alright with me.


Had Sec 4s interclass, volleyballers planned it. Dismissed from class at 2pm, and went to the hall immediately. Set up the courts and all the logistic items. Briefed all the helpers. I was given a mike to brief the Sec 4s. Seriously, I dont think any of them were listening. But I just continue saying, LOL, cos at least I did what I'm supposed to do ma.

Held the mike wherever I went, Chaoxin didnt dare to use the mike. So it leaves me running from the empty courts to the board, and back again. And calling for the teams, and checking the scores and so on. I was damn busy. And Chaoxin have nothing to do. LOL, she even have time to go to the toilet. But we're supposed to be given two mikes. There're some conflicts at one of the courts because of MR SOH, that bloody old man. He gave wrong instructions -,- Stupid, but what's done is done. So there's nothing we can do. Ms Lim and I thought there would be a delay, as we started the games late. And 4-2/4-3 and 5-2 were late for the games. So we had to wait and wait and wait, and there's a few walkovers due to the latecomers.

And you know, eventho I had the mike right. I still had to shout into the mike you know -,- Nobody was listening to me lo. And I'm having sorethroat now because of that. Pfft. Watched a few games during the finals and the semi-finals. Like, finally my time to rest you know. The games ended earlier than expected. Very early. We expected it to end at 5.30pm with delays. But it ended at around 4.45pm to 5pm. LOL, damn early.

Assembled in the hall afterwards to see the Torch Relay! I'm more excited to see the torch really. HAHA, how I wish I can touch it lo. Like, why so unfair. I wanna run also ): Like once in a lifetime experience leh. The torch was nice. :D My area got a very good view of it. HAHA. Dinner at Coffeeshop and home sweet home (:


Was looking forward to outdoor training as it's only for the Sec 3s. And it's been a long time since I partnered Eunice. ): But dang, I didnt bring my Amaths textbook and had to see Mr Lim after school. And dang, training was cancelled afterwards because SOMEONE took our court. Like wth, I WANT TRAINING! ): And when we left, the court was empty man. Seriously, they could give the court back and let us train lo. Bloody hell. Anyway, I totally attituded Mr Lim, he's damn sarcastic. -,- Nothing much that day, Zheehee is cute :D And I had Gelare Greentea Icecream. Aw ): Xiaojun and I used to eat it all the time. I miss her. I WANNA GO OUT WITH HER SOMEDAY :D


Today Mr Lim pms siah, nagged us for half an hour. I seriously felt like sleeping when he nagged. Damn naggy la, like ah ma like that. Lessons as per normal, Chemistry was boring too ): After school, waited for Mr Siva. LOL, whole school waiting for him siah. Wanna see him in dress and heels. He's so cute! He look normal actually, in fact quite pretty. I think the dress suit him, he should keep it. And he looked comfortable in heels. I can't even wear heels properly lo, omg. HAHA. Somemore I girl leh ><

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