Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I love you.

Ah, sorry for not posting for so long. I was soooo busy during the weekends. :P Let me recall what I did.
Went movies with Sunbucks on Friday. STEP UP 3! We decided whether should we wear school uniform to the movie for damn long. In the end, laziness kills like hell. Yea, we wore it to the movies. HAHAHA. I'm trying hard not to eat in front of Hannah, cos she's fasting, but I'm sorry, I can't help it :P I actually forgot that the muslims were fasting for awhile. HAHAHA. Sorrieeeeeee ): Bitched again, as usual. HAHA, we can never get sick of bitching huh?
Had flag day damn early in the morning on Saturday. Partnered Eunice, and went all the way to Clementi. Bloody hell far. Oh ya btw, MS SITI'S BABY IS SO CUTE! AND SHE LOVE ME! She dont really like to smile, and her cheeks, is ZOMG ONE. I'm gonna ask Eunice to send me the photo of me and the baby, AONI :D I hope I spelled the name correctly. LOL, nice name right! Went to Clementi, bought a few drinks. HAHA, and went to find a nice place where nobody will steal our business. An uncle was my first customer while we alighted the train. He knew he was the first by hearing the sound of the coin droping down. HAHAHA. So paiseh can. Eunice stood right at the entrance and she got more customer than me D: I got a few also la, but very little. EEEE, and then two New Town malay guys came and steal our business D: One of them asked alot of questions: Where I stay, What's my school, What's my name, What's my age. T.T Stupid, but they thought me how to ask for money. Like: Please donate. HAHA, luckily they ask. Or else I think I'll never get my 2/5 tin filled. Yea, my tin wasnt even half D; Sad thing right.
Went back to cwp with Chaoyi, yea he came and accompany me during flagging. K I dont know how to call it -,- I changed my spot to the entrance of the swimming complex, more money siah. Had lunch afterwards, damn nice duck porridge, yum yum. And went back to cwp. Rushed home, showered, changed and everything and headed to Matthio's Housewarming. He live at Boonlay siah. I spelled it as Bunlay earlier. HAHAHA. :P I went there alone leh, how brave. Eunice should be worried lo, she know I'm a road idiot. I can't remember routes and very poor at directions D: Reached the back gate of his condo, look damn old and ulu. Damn scary also. Matthio, Yuping and Xiaojun came to pick me up. Omg his house damn nice la. Got big balcony with big fish pond. Then is double storey, very nicely furnished. I really hate his dog D; Then Zhigang and Pantita keep scaring me with the dog. I hate animals, I dont know why. Ew. Ate some fishballs. Then got bored from watching the guys playing PS3 and went to join the girls in Truth or Dare. Quite fun leh! Seriously! :D:D Isabel tell me secret leh ^^ I wanna eat the food so badly, seriously, but there're dog fur all over it. Totally disgusted. Then joined the guys for basketball. Because of what I'm wearing, totally not suitable for sweaty games, I didnt play anything at all. Only watched Lingyi do pole dancing and Emily harrassing the strangers. HAHAHA.
Went back to Matthio's house with some of the girls. We wanna try playing the PS3 game that the guys were playing. Shooting one, got people die and stuffs. 4 players. Me, Pan, Lingyi and Bellbell. HAHAA. We totally went crazy man. I get irritated when I get shot D; Stupid, I damn noob then they keep killing me lo. Walau. Then we played allies. Pan and I teamed up, and Lingyi and Isabel teamed up. Pan and I are the noobest, so obviously we lost. We were screaming like mad cows. Seriously. And I dont know why, I play until my pinky very pain. HAHAHA. Zhigang was helping me all the way, sometime betray me abit D; Stupid. I think one funny thing we did was, before each team game. We would go to our team member and see who it is. And can see the person face, damn ugly one. HAHA, then I will keep laughing like hell.
Isabel: Walau who kill me?
Lingyi: *keep quiet*
That was one way Lingyi won most of the games. HAHA. And during Truth or Dare, Matthio's dare was to drink a mixture of chilli, mango syrup, a dessert with dog fur, etc.
Lingyi: *wanna say something*
Matthio: Okay on, I drink.
Lingyi: Ehhhh...
Matthio: *gulps down*
Lingyi: *Watch with shock face*
Matthio: *finished drinking*
Lingyi: You know what I wanted to say? I wanted to say two mouths enough already. But you drank the whole thing.
-,- HAHAHA, damn funny laaaaaaa!
Didnt go Ahma's house on Sunday, did my homework instead.
Just came back from cwp. Break fast with Farhan and Rasyidah, Zena and Dillon. Nice chatting ^^ as always. Gossiping about some copycats/despos hor?

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