Friday, May 8, 2009

Well, examinations came.
Got passed english paper one with 'The Game'
and chinese paper one with 'Mum's Secret'.
Today was the History Paper.
with the help of Ms Choo,
hmm, maybe i'll just pass it?
Nah, not with flying colours anymore.
but at least i finished it, yay~
gonna bury my head in books this whole week.
and sec 2 volleyballers are cleaning the PE room next friday.
with CIP points!

oh ya, and Ms Shidah changed my seats.
Damn it, i was seated next to farhan.
i'm just sorry that esther had to be changed away because of me.
haha, sitting next to farhan, hmm quite fun la.

Rasyidah, i updated now. happy? haha.

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