Sunday, August 8, 2010

Your funny face

Monday to Wednesday
Intensive rehearsals on our performance and revisions for tests. Most of the sports groups editted their performance a weebit, some alot, to improve on it. Only we didnt do anything about ours. LOL, it's good already :D Had Social Studies test on Tuesday (Gah, easy but difficult ;S), Mother-tongue test on Wednesday (Mr Fan says he's gonna give us somemore time to do? LOL.) and Biology test on Thursday (Ah, I forgotten another adaption for phloem, damn mitochondria! D:)
Had training after school after my Biology paper, outdoor training. Cool, the weather was great. Cloudy, but not rainy type :D Freaked out by lizards at the poles, as normal. LOL, in case you guys dont know. The poles for our outdoor trainings are filled with lizards. AND IT'S NOT NORMAL LIZARDS, it's damn enormous kind. K not exactly, but it's big. LOL, and got white colour one somemore leh. Ewww, squashed. We also had many punishments for hitting the ball into the basketball court and disrupting their trainings. We're not allowed to let them touch the ball, especially itchy hand MR BEN. LOL. And guess what's our punishment? FINGER PUSHUPS! OMG, damn shitty I swear, but good for us. D: Had mini set games, teamed up with Mr Ben and Mr Soh, together with Yingjie and Huili. LOL, Mr Ben play until damn funny. ;D
Wore red YOG shirt to school. Coool, nice sea of red. I LOVE RED :D:D:D LOL. And I wonder who said the parade can own the whole celebration. -,- It sucks, cos of the bloody hot weather. But my area was damn talkative. LOL. Played kalang wave etc. Had butterflies in my stomach later on during preparatory for our stage performance. This is the moment man! Got changed in one of the classrooms on the ground floor. Blame my oversized YOG shirt and my short tights. Made Zhigang thought I wasn't wearing any pants, and was changing in front of the boys. LOL. Noone else saw la. :D Tied our funky hairstyles and off we went :D Damn nervous, had some conflicts. But I still love you guys! Waited at the backstage.
Peeped a weebit at the EC performance, (Venus waved to us when she 'fell' to the ground during the running part. LOL.) and the basketballers behind the closed curtains, gave them a thumbs up and cheered them on. It was soon our turn, damn sooooon. I swear. AHHHH, LOL. I was so freaking nervous. We were suppose to have a serious look to show our aggressiveness on court, but I cant help laughing. D: The crowd was so hyper, they were screaming like mad we can't hear the music. Really! Some of us went too fast. LOL. Can't catch the beat. It was soon over and we had our finale, COMMUNITY SINGING! All of us were damn high, Sheela came to me with a mike and all of us at the stage screamed and sang into the mike like retards. It was so funnnnnn! :D:D:D The crowd was too loud, we can't really hear ourselves in the mike. LOL.
Qiuheng's comment: Mr Chong sings like his concert. LOL.
When we left the stage, we realised we're all covered in sweat. LOL, too much jumping around and stuffs. Had KFC afterwards with Pantita, Qiuheng and her friend. Chatted alot as usual, laughed at those lame stuffs. GOSSIPS :D Walked around cwp before heading home, got changed and came out again to meet Pan and Kianshen. Headed to Yishun Safra, wanted to play pool and waited for the table for 3 hours. OMG, I'm fucking serious. Minghwee finally came, kept on laughing at me, pool noob D: Played til night, had subway at some place. I dont know where. LOL. Funfun, but i'm still a pool noob D: Even more noob than Pantita siah.

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