Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm tired of giving in, so I made a choice.

Summarizing of this week's cool stuffs. Went for work with Pantita at Hyatt Hotel. Seriously, I got damn pissed off with Huimin at the start. But the thing I like about her is that, she's young (poly only), and she dont speak china-y. Seriously. LOL. We contacted Huimin when we reached Orchard MRT station only to realised she just woke up, she even warned me not to be late. Well well. -____- So we made our way to Hyatt ourselves. We went to the right hotel, but I dont know how blur Huimin can get, she told us to come out and wait for her at the entrance. And then we decided we can't wait on like this and contacted her again, and what the bitch. We were right all along la. We went to the right hotel for god's sake. -,- So got changed and everything, didnt get to have breakfast eventho we were freaking hungry, but late. I've got no socks, so I can't serve the guests, can only work in the kitchen. I like the people at the back kitchen, they're nice. And we can help ourselves to the drinks, all kind of juices in the fridge. You name it, you get it. I made a few new friends, but only got to know one of their names. CHEE MUN! HAHA, he's nice :D And one of the chefs, I like playing with his chef hat, so he took one new one for me. Nice right :D Yeah, i love working there. I love the people there. I wanna work there again.

Worked on Youth Day as well. Two days consecutively. This time I had my socks. HAHAHA, the people there kept teasing me when I didnt have my socks ): LOL. I get to serve the guests this time. But I hate my station captain, her name is Devi, and I call her DEVIL. Seriously, she kept scolding me. She even scolded me busybody when I took a tray for her and ordered me to put it back into the kitchen. Damn her bitch. My name that day was 'Sarah', temporary name. And I couldnt respond to it. LOL, they had to call me several times before I get used to it. I got damn bored afterwards when it's near my dismissal. So they told me to go fold napkins. I love folding napkins. It's so fun. LOL, can slack, sit down, chit chat, make new friends and so on. Cool :D And ohohohoh, the food there is damn nice. Our lunch in our canteen is like, damn good food or what. Seriously, even their plain bread tastes nice.

Nothing much on Monday and Tuesday I guess. Can't remember much as well. Oh ya, I hate Ms Lui. Seriously hate her. She dare talk to me about attitude when she herself shows her students attitude. -,- Stayed back on Wednesday for Bio Presentation. I totally skipped it like hell, just read through my notes. Noone's in a mood for stay back. What's more for a presentation to a sucky teacher. During Chemistry classes, learnt alot about Ms Siti's past. She's a bitch in Sec School. HAHAH seriously. She's got many boyfriends and did alot of bad things. Tsk tsk tsk, but she's a good teacher. Can't resist gossips. LOL. And during English lesson, Zena did her speech. I thought it went well. She used some really nice phrases which I like alot. Had outdoor training on Thursday, funfunfun. Time past so fast, we didnt want to go home! Hope next outdoor training would be something similar :D

Caught the movie 'DESPICABLE ME' with Sunbucks today. It was awesome. I can hear myself laughing damn loudly, and I asked Pan. She said YES, it's damn loud. HAHAHA. Ooops. But it's a damn nice show. The characters are so darn cute. It like just at the introduction of the producers, we all started going 'AWWW, so cute!' already. LOL. I love AGNES, she's so cute. She had a really sweet voice, all the time. And there's one time she got a big fluffy unicorn from a funfair, she said in a damn rough voice. 'IT'S SO FLUFFY!' HAHAHA, damn cute. And when her unicorn turned into ashes, she held her breath until the man promised her another unicorn. SO CUTEEEEEEE. The yellow characters are cute too. LOL. I laughed the hardest at the end when that nerd guy danced like bloody hilarious shit. HAHAHA. MUST WATCH OKAY, I GUARANTEE THAT YOU'LL GO "AWW SO CUTE" JUST LIKE ME :D

Chatted at MacDonalds for awhile, Hannah left. I didnt feel like going home. Wanna stay to chat, but they had dinner at home ): Fine then, went home.

I'm so sad, yea, you guessed it. I'm sad. But you don't know me. All of a sudden, I miss him. I hate to admit this, but seriously, only he knows me best, you don't. You make me sad.

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