Friday, July 16, 2010

What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.


How Qiuheng looks like when she's crazy.
Went to Outram Park to take my pay. Seriously, I was expecting my $126 after working for 3 days. Turned out, they havent updated yet. So guess how much I got -________- $24.75. Damn pathetic can. Walau. Head to Bugic afterwards, Pantita was talking about how nice I HEART TAIMEI is and she makes me crave for it alot. And then, it's closed. How nice ): So went to Iluma and ate Subway. Nice, I love subway :D Did some homeworks and finished Muadz Birthday card. Bought his birthday present as well, damn cute. Took bus 960 back home, Pantita and I was actually busy eating. Until there's this sudden brake. Yea, I almost flew out of my seat. I was more concerned about my chicken anyway. HAHAHA. Oh yea, we were not really sure about what happened. All we know is, after the bus stopped, alot of busybodys stood up to look out of the windows on the right. I think a car scratched the sides of the bus and just drove away without stopping or something. Yeah, so that's what happened. LOL. Got a free ride, and took the next available bus. The bus stopped exactly at my doorstep. Yeah, so I walked back home safely :D
Training changed to indoors. I was actually hoping for outdoors, ya weird I know. But I dont know leh, I wanna get the same group for the king and queen court thingy. But no chance la, since it's indoor. Nothing much.
Caught a movie with SunbucksJellyRing Co. THE BLOOD PLEGE. A very nice movie I must say. Seriously, go watch it :D VERY SCARY ALSO LA, but Pantita cried. HAHAHA, the last part was touching. Had Pastamania for lunch and did our homeworks in the library until 5.30pm, the time for the movie to start. The starting was like weird, cos there's no trailers no nothing, and the cathay thingy is missing. What's more, the movie started out of nowhere, it's like it started in the middle part of the movie, and the subtitles cannot be seen. Afterwards there's a very longgggggggggggggg blank screen, and somebody came out to say there's a technical fault. WOW, like amazing. I didnt know this kind of things happens in the cinemaaa. HAHAHA, alot of people were taking photos of the technical fault notice. LOL, k la. I wanted to take photos of it initially. But tsk, other people also take. I dont want to take already. HAHAHA. I bought this 12 packets of seaweed, damn big packets, for only $4.20. And I didnt eat it at all during the movie. LOL, all the while covering my face. HAHAHA. Qiuheng and I got damn high before the movie, k after the movie also la. Before the movie we were checking out the tidbits at the basement level, and we all were so shocked to see the damn cheap prices. LOL, and Pantita's reaction was damn farrrrny. HAHAHA. Movie was great, hiding in nursery room was double hilarious.
My facebook status: Everybody's sad. I shall be sad too, for awhile.
Rasyidah: -.- Brian, can you just shutup?
Brian: But I just started talking.
HAHAHA. K lame, but I find this funny.
Kokhong: *says a singlish*
Ms Gomez: Say that again.
Kokhong: that again.

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