Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fall apart, go insane.

Didnt get to play comp this week. Yea, only got to use it yesterday. Quite busy with homeworks and stuffs. Esp English, omg i tell you. Ms Selena Gomez is our new english teacher, and just by the work she gives us every english lesson, she can convince us that she will inprove our english. SERIOUSLY. She give homework almost everyday. And the homeworks she gives are not crap you know, seriously no crap. HAHA. Oh yeah, I changed my seating arrangement. Supposedly Ms Siti put Chuanseng beside me. But I dont like him, and the whole arrangement at the back row is like:

Yuxuan, Shicheng, Eunice, Me, Chuanseng, Jiawei, Alison
BUT I DONT LIKE IT. So i suggested to Ms Siti another arrangement, since Chuanseng is meant to help Shicheng in maths.

Shicheng, Chuanseng, Eunice, Me, Jiawei, Alison, Yuxuan

Which is like so much better, cos Alison wanna sit with Jiawei, so I didnt change them. BUT, Ms Siti only took half of what I wanted. So now it's like:

Chuanseng, Shicheng, Eunice, Me, Jiawei, Yuxuan, Alison
And now it seems like it's my fault that Alison and Jiawei, the two nonsense, can't sit together. HAHAHA. Sorry Alison!

And on Tuesday, on my way to school in my father's car. Some bloody shit happened. Yes, and it's real shit. We saw a guy, aged about 30 years old, shitting in public. YEAH WTF RIGHT. Near the traffic light there. OMGOMGOMG. Yes, OMG. There's shit all over the floor, and his leg. His face looks constipated. And I think he's about to faint, he walked away in the end, with his leg covered with shit. And from this, we can infer one thing. That he never wear underwear. If not the shit won't drip until the floor right. But ... k I forgot what I wanted to say, thanks to my sister who just talked to me. -________- K let's stop this shit talking. REALLY SPOIL MY APPETITE. But there's one question, if the guy who shit on the floor really fainted, I wonder if anyone would stop to help. Seriously...

Wednesday! NO MORE MOCHI ICECREAM FOR SUNBUCKS ): Hannah, Qiuheng, Pantita and I. THE SUNBUCKS FAMILY wanna go buy our last round of mochi icecream. Yea, Wednesday was the last day of the 6 for $10 offer. Aw, and they're gonna move to another place already. I helped Qiuheng and Hannah borrow money from Zheehee, and Zheehee just gave $10. YEA, just like that. And THEY DONT WANNA RETURN. SO BAD ): In the end I help them return leh, and they dont want return me back. Stupid. Anyway, bought greentea, lychee and blueberry flavoured mochi icecream. Pan bought tiramisu instead of blueberry. GREENTEA DAMN NICE OMGOMGOMG, I LIKE. NONONO, I LOVE :D:D:D Then we went to the nursery room and slack and eat. NICE, YUMMAY. Had fun in the nursery room, pulling all the chairs into one small cubicle. HAHAHA.

No training on Thursday as there's Olevel Oral. Watched movie on Friday with SUNBUCKS FAMILY AGAIN :D:D:D 9Temples! And we met Tingfang, Yanni, Xinlerk and Hannah. YEA, another Hannah. HAHAHA, in our team there's the big Jingyee and the small Chinyee, big Hannah and the small Hannah, big Xinpei (me) and the small Xinpei (rachel). HAHAHA, so cute hor. They sat behind us. Went to buy bubbletea, and popcorns and drinks and went in. But wait, we can't go in. LOL. The person stopped us, saying that we need to show our IC to get in. I say my IC with my sister, then can go take or not. So I went to take my sister's IC. And I showed the person, the person looked for awhile and let us off. HAHAHA. Nice trick :D The movie was nice leh, I think. The movie just start only already scare the shit hell out of me. Serious la. WALAU, so scary. And then you know what, it's all a dream. WTH. LOL. BUT THE STORY IS DAMN COMPLICATING. SUPER COMPLICATING. That's why some people say not nice. I came out of the cinema, blur as well, but Pantita understand the story (prolly cos it's a Thai movie) and she explained to us. OOO, now i believe in karma :D Don't ever do bad things, that's the key. It's like the saying: What comes around, goes around. FAIR AND SQUARE :D

Training just now, I was damn high at first. Yea like super high. With Belinda and Qiuheng. But afterwards, I got abit irritated. Cos of some reasons la. I told Pantita. ): Then my face was like moody and sian that kind. But afterwards was alright la. Had debrief. GOOD :D Going for work tomorrow morning, yea, like seriously morning. Had to wake up at 4.30am. Whadaya think. Hmm, yea morning. HAHAHA. So I better get going to sleep I think. CIAO.

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