Sunday, June 27, 2010

Believing in faith, you are faith.

Back from 3E3 Zenith's Class Outing!
Met @ 12pm in school. Eunice and I were the first to reach school. LOL WTH right, we thought little people would turn up for the outing. But we're so so wrong, more than half the class attended, even Kevin and Weilun they all attended okay. HAHAHA, i sound so bad. LOL. Headed to ECP after waiting for some of the classmates. When reached, settled at a shelter. Omg, the chicken is so heavy. HAHA. Ate lunch and played Truth or Dare with some of the girls. LOL, quite interesting. Ms Siti told us about her life story before and after marriage. Then we talked about our marriage lives in the future. HAHA, I havent thought so far yet though. I just wanna quit studies, and marry a rich husband. SERIOUSLY LA, i think that's what all girls wanted. I hate studying, I dont know what I wanna be when I grow up. I should just be a perfect taitai and go shopping with my friends everyday. HAHA, so got life siah. LOL.
Then went cycling, with Eunice and Alison. Well Henteng blocked the entire road by cycling zigzaggedly -,- What a selfish person. LOL. We went all the way to the end and back again, long ride. Made our down there damn pain can. HAHA, later lose virginity. HAHAHAHAHA. We talked about that too. I got so bored afterwards. Played volleyball with Yingjie. Damn my period can, I can't go down the water. So I stayed on the beach, watching everybody and busy smsing la. There's noone else to accompany me okay. Had a nice time chatting with Maria though! HEY MARIA, WE SHOULD CHAT AGAIN SOMEDAY. HAHAHA, it's fun chatting with her :D:D:D Chatted with Sheela as well, HAHAHA. I love my crazy buddy SHEELA ;D By the time I came back to our shelter, they were already starting the fire using the portable bbq pit. Woah cool right, HAHA.
I helped to cook some, then changed shift and went to eat. Yea I became damn bloated afterwards, still alot of leftovers left. YAY, Ms Siti told us about our new seating arrangement. I'll still be sitting with Eunice and will still be in the back row. And I'm not sitting with Shicheng anymore! YAYYYYY, I DONT LIKE HIM. I dont give a damn if he sees this, in fact I hope he sees this. THIS SHOWS HOW MUCH I HATE HIM *points a finger!* MUAHAHAHAHA. I'll be sitting with Jiawei instead. K I dont know him alot. I just know he got nice hair. Like bouncy bouncy one. LOL. Really! When he jump his hair going *boing boing*!
Afterwards was just eating alot, I cooked more than I eat. And noone complained about my cooking okay. So I think I'm a wonderful cook :D:D:D HAHAHA. Bused home aftewards with the shuttle bus. FUN :D Went into the school, creepy. Sheela and I couldnt stop starring at the DNT BLOCK. LOL, I dont know. They were all talking about the DNT block, but I just wannt see something, at the same time not see something. HAHA. Like what Sheela said. Took a group photo in the canteen and rushed out of the school. HAHAHA. Freaking out already la.
Then we bused the long way to cwp, said many creepy stories. The bus was quiet afterwards. And Mdm Rehana actually said stories to the SLs to prepare them for the camp in school. LOL. I didnt know that okay. That marks the end of the day. Went home alone. I practically ran home can. I was hoping to see Hongye on the way or something like last time, and he would send me home. :D But sadly not. HAHA.

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