Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Deep beneathe the blue waves.

Got back some of our papers and results already. My results are all As and Bs, and sadly, one D7 ): MY ENGLISH. AHHHH, my Paper 2 pulled my grades down like siao. Stupid, I know. Cos most of the other's grades were pulled down by Paper 1 instead of 2. -,,-
Had training yesterday, our team is separated into Team A and B. Yesterday's training wasnt that tough, and Coach gave me a durian puff to eat! HAHAHA. YUMMAYE! Today's SL training was great, cos volleyballers no need to participate. HAHA, we helped out instead as we had trainings for the following days and we had muscle aches today. They ran the staircase up to the 11th floor twice.
The first time they got up, they will have to find two satay sticks along the way. It's to ensure that they dont cheat. I placed one of the sticks on the bent area on the floor, they found it. And the other one was stuck in between the cupboard, sticking out somemore. I thought that was easier to find, but they didnt manage to find it. It's only after my many many obvious clues, then Nadia found it. And I hid two of the green and orange satay sticks on the 11th floor. One was stuck very deep into one of the pots. The other was inside the side of the window pane, Rasyidah found it, after my many obvious clues as well. LOL. HAHA.
At the trip to Kota Tinggi, I will be sleeping with Eunice, Yingjie and Kelly. At first we thought only will sleep in twos, but turned out it's in fours. Rasyidah wanted to sleep in the room beside us, so that hopefully there will be a door connected, and we will play pillow fight! HAHAHA, ROOM WAR! At night, when she's asleep, I will slap her face and run away. HAHAHAHA. Or strip her naked. LOLOLOL, k just joking. HAHA.

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