Friday, May 21, 2010

Til the dust settles;

Bloody hell. I've got so much to say, but blogger is not my best friend. I wanna tell my side of the story, but not to you. I have so much to ask, but I dont wanna know anymore. Cos you changed, and you make me feel hopeless and that there's nothing more I can do. I tried my best.
Today's been a bloody day, but that's okay. Cos people who pisses me off wouldn't feel too good about themselves either. Trip to the NAVY OPEN HOUSE was bloody fun. Hung out with Xiaojun, Kelly, Yuping & Eunice. We're all crazy already. Ate Green Tea Icecream and Twister Potato, god damn nice la. I love greentea icecream. <3>
Then afterwards, we played with the balloon castle. IT WAS SO DAMN FUN. We kept jumping on the big yellow ball in the middle and took damn loads of photos. HAHAHA. SO FUN LA. And Xiaojun called the person 'crew' cos their shirts got the word on it. HAHAHA. WALAU, so funny la. Alot of people were looking at us as if we were maniacs, but who cares la. It's been very long since I had so much fun la. :D FUNFUNFUN.
I'm very busy this weekend. AHHH ): Luckily only got amaths homework.

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