Friday, February 26, 2010

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Had Sports Day today. I was damn excited at first, however not forgetting the quarrel I had with my sister last night. Sisters quarrel, it's normal, but last night was totally ABnormal. Anyway, met up with Tiffany, Cassandra, Yuping, Pantita and Yanni. EUNICE WAS SUPER LATE. Took the MRT to Yio Chu Kang, Woodlands Ring students took up about 40% of the space. LOL, it was damn cool. Reached there, seems like handphones are allowed or something. But Mdm Chan stared at me when I took out my phone, I pretended I never see her. HAHA.
Settled down at our rows. Our whole class were wearing our nice class tee. And people at the back at looking at my class tee. Checking out the names and stuff. I was like, 'Dont look at MY back, look at HER back.' LOL. Then the national anthemn, so funny. The flag was so far away, and I had to tiptoe to see the flag. YES, but I didnt la. I would look stupid, and also being considerate for the people at the back. HEHE, scared I block their view.
Assembled into our seats and everything. Runners were assembled at a different spot. I was damn nervous. After discussion, we decided that Jiajing be the first runner, Eunice second, I'm third and Maria will be the last runner. Then we cheered for the rest of the runners. The gunshot scared me twice. I almost jumped, I swear. Then it was our turn, waited very long for our turn under the freaking hot sun. By the time it's our turn, I wasnt enthu about it already. It's like I used up all of them before I even started running. LOL.
Thanks to Jiajing, our class were leading all the way, and also Eunice who maintained her speed throughout. HAHA, maybe I was complacent. I didnt sprint abit. Beginning part, I ran faster cos I was excited. But soon I have no idea why the hell I'm running so fast when noone is chasing me. No competition. I rather we run with the boys, someone for me to chase. HAHA. I run faster that way. Anyway, we got first! WOOHOO.
And also HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAOXIN for the last time. I wished her the most number of times, like around 100 already la. HAHAHA. I remembered hugging her when she passed the baton to another runner and lying on the grass with her. It felt so good. Btw, our class was so quiet. Zena do make a difference, haha. She was abit sick, and our class went emo all over. After the running and all the stuffs, it was prize-giving. I SWEAR I ALMOST FAINTED, I even needed Eunice as a support. The heat was super unbearable. Was damn bushuang then.
Anyway it's over, this year Sport's Day like not so fun leh. I cant get myself high after the run, eventho we won. -,- When I sat down with my classes to listen to instructions from the teacher, prizes were also given to the teachers for dont know what thing.
& Sheela was like :
Sheela: Mr Chong! Aerobic Respiration! Mitochondria! Golgi Apparatus! Air molecules!...
LOL, &
(Other classes: cheers)
Hengteng: Chey, no kick!
Sheela: Huh, no cake?
Me: Ya, no cake. Cake finish already.
Sheela: (shouting to the other classes) Aiya, no cake la! Cake finish la! Go buy la! Buy from Polar la!
HAHAHA, wth sheela! She's damn funny.
Anyway I think that's about it. I'm damn tired now, bye!

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