Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm sick, AGAIN! I fell sick thrice this week, weak or what? I think I should start popping pills every now and then to build up my immune system, why the hell are they so bloody weak? First I got a flu and I went to training, which turned into fever and I thought I might be okay and went to school. BUT, it became worst and I had high fever, after my fever is gone, now I had eye infection. GAHHHH, wth. What's wrong with my right eye, no wait, what's wrong with my bloody life?
With this goddamn eye infection, I cant go to school. What's more, tests are starting next week. And our class is seriously behind syllabus, and now, I'M behind everything! And there's the Northzone competition I've been training so damn hard for, I got into the team, wth SO? Now I cant play, I cant even watch the game even if I'm there at Presbytarian high with my stupid eye! Then there's SPORTS HEAT that I got all excited about just by talking about it. I even joined the relay, how great. Hopefully I will get well for it, pleaseeeeeeee.
And then there's Hongye's birthday, my bloody good friend. I will never forget his birthday, I will never forget how Xiaojun and I promised to go Sakae Sushi with him. And nowwwww?
I got MC for AT LEAST 7 days, what more am I gonna miss? Wth, seriously, I thought alot during these few days. In fact, I thought toooooo much, so much that I swear you will never know what I'm thinking.
I HATE CONTACT LENSES, I HATE MY EYE! MY BLOODY RIGHT EYE! It's really bloody now cos it's bloody red. Goddamnit, I'm not gonna wear lenses anymore. I dont care, no matter how much I insisted I wanna wear them in the past I'm not gonna wear them anymore from now onwards. Hell cares how I look, I CARE everything else. I dont wanna waste anymore money on my eye, it's not worth it. My mum spends almost hundreds every visit to the hospital, and today she spent $200 on a goddamn eyedrop? It's just a small bottle, FYI, of 15ml! YESSS, $200! That's my bursary award money! ):
I'm praying, cos I need miracles badly.

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