Sunday, December 27, 2009

^Yea, see that? I havent taken prints for years, and it's my first time taking them with Xiaojun. Yea, FIRST TIME! Despite being friends for 4 years already. Haha, I hardly ever take them, dont think I will take again, but I'll let you know! :D [More prints in the next few posts.]

Anw, went to Chalet yesterday as said earlier on. I didnt turn out as fun as I'd expected, firstly because Tessa didnt go and I was the only girl there. God Tessa, how could you do this! LOL. I was more pissed when Simon and Eugene said two other guys are coming. And what's more, I dont know them -,- K, I know one. It's a bastard that flirts my younger sister and was once pissed off by my elder sister. WOAH, he wanna flirt all my family is it. Goddamnit. Anw, forget the bastard, cos I told Simon I dont want him to go and Eugene made up a lousy excuse to not let him come. HAHA, yay. Another Eugene Tan tagged along also. KK, confusing, it means there's two Eugene Tans there and Simon. So basically Simon is just extra, cos we're all the Tans there, and his is, hmm Lea or Samat or Michael? LOL. He's a fake European!

HAHA, board the train to IMM to have my foot-long Subway. And Simon bought his Icecream, and we board the shuttle bus to the Jurong East MRT Station. K, speaking bout this, it's very weird know. We can walk from IMM to the station within 10minutes, but it take around 15 to 20 minutes to bus from IMM to the station. LOL, I just slept through the whole journey with occasional wake-ups to where the hell the driver is taking us. Trained to Pasir Ris, went to the chalet and put down our stuffs. K, Eugene and Simon practically duped me there to accompany them, SERIOUSLY. Cos I thought we were gonna sleep in proper beds and everything. But turned out? We will be locked out of the chalet room until 7am, and Simon is suggesting we sleep at the bitch to watch sunrise or something. -,- At first I thought it was a GREAT idea, I mean sunrise is nice what. K, that was at first, you'll know why later.

Had BBQ at the back of the room, not that bad. Instead of trying desperately to start the fire before it's too late, we're trying to put out the fire as it was too strong. LOL, and it was so dark over there, I have no idea how to know whether the food is cooked or not. HAHA, I was the GREAT COOK. K, cos I cooked MOST of the food. HEHE, and I didnt get to eat any sotong! I ate five stingrays and ZERO SOTONGS! K I ate one sotong ball, BUT IT'S NOT COUNTED! The food were very little, and I think the BBQ ended an hour later, which is quite fast leh. Finished all the food, except potatoes, and went to check out the beach.

Hmm, the beach is DISGUSTING! It smells like seaweed all over the place, and I didnt even dare to go near the sea, let along sleeping on the beach watching sunrise. They wanna find a spot to sit down and chat until 2am for our Avatar movie, and they just kept walking on and on and on until the beach became more and more deserted. I got really really scared, cos I just got a bad feeling la. And I trust my six sense, alot, eventhough it's not always accurate. So i bugged them to u-turn and we walked back to the seat where I approved that it's safe. LOL, yea I was THAT scared. And what's more, we talked about ghost stories and everything. HAHA, but it wasnt that spooky because there are people around us, not so deserted.

Went back to the mall and we walked around and finally found a spot to sit down. We chatted there until a guard came over at 12.45am to chase us away, just nice for us to get back to the chalet and prepare. So we went back, k I didnt shower. I could have just bought my windbreaker, money and handphone. But I bought my bag and stuffed random stuffs inside to make it look big. LOL! Eugene's parents came back after awhile and his mum wanted me to make sure Eugene wears his long sleeved shirt. HAHA, he didnt wear it in the end la, and I didnt get scolded as well. Headed to the cinemas afterwards and we watched AVATAR!

It was damnnnnn nice! I love it, esp when those avatars actually pout and everything, damn funny. Aiya, just go watch it la. I think it's very worth it if you catch a 3D one because it's 2 hours and 30mins, very very long. The show may be nice, but I'll say no if you want me to watch again. It's tooooooooooo long, and I will feel so restless. It was already 5am plus when the movie ended. We wanted to watch sunrise, but I was sooo tired. However nice the movie was I could still fall asleep one lo, that was how tired I was.

Anyway, we went to sleep in McDonalds, we were locked out of the chalet room remember? LOL, k fine, only I slept. And I told them I didnt want to watch the sunrise anymore, not cos I was tired, just cos of some other reasons :D By the time I woke up, it was already 7am plus and Simon used pepper to write my name on the table, make me the culprit of every bad thing he did. LOL. Went back to chalet and I was dead tired, luckily Eugene's parents were very nice and offered me the small single bed that they share. I slept all the way to 12pm.

12pm, Simon and I got ready to leave. HAHA, I got nothing to pack, if I had to leave I could just take my bag and go with nothing left behind. K I left my toothpaste behind so that their family could use. Apparently non of them [the whole family] brought toothpaste with them. LOL. Yay, after the long and tedious train journey and 10mins of walking from cwp, I finally reach home!

Gonna go back to school to help my sister buy books, she didnt have to buy school uniforms except PE shorts. And we're going to buy our school shoes after that and going to daiso to buy some stuffs. God, how am I gonna finish my homework like that, I still have tons of them. AHHHH, and I'm gonna wash my shoes later. Gonna try to do my maths later :D

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