Friday, December 25, 2009


See the Esplanade, The Fullerton Hotel and The Love Bridge.

WeiLin, Xiaojun, Monkey and Me.

Lol, Xiaojun, me and Monkey.

HAHA, sorry for not posting for three days and the important night. So I'll post now, YESTERDAY WAS GREAT OKAY! I didnt expect so much fun la, esp when I see the 12 Element place, quite disappointing to me. LOL, cos many places were booked and we cant enter.

Well anw, I went over to Xiaojun's house at 10.30 and we went to cwp to take bus to Jasmine's place. Slacked there for damn long, until 9pm plus. Then Weilin came and we prepared to go to Raffles Place to partyyy! When we reach there, the sight was damn nice one la. So many lovers at the Singapore River, so nice. Somemore got the bridge, so many bridges leh! I wanna cross each and every one of them. HEHE. And I saw the bird statue, I used to watch a kids drama and the they made the bird's statue talk leh, damn cool la. But I know now that it's fake, or else I would have spent my whole night bugging the it to talk to me. HEHE.

Finally reached 12 Element, Jasmine ordered a tower of tiger beer, I didnt like it at first. I mean I drank before lots of times with my father and I never liked it. But stupid monkey keep challenging me [by knocking the brim on my glass with the bottom of her glass], we must finish it if someone do that. So I keep drinking and drinking and drinking. I can feel my face and ears going bloodshot red la, can feel the heat. And after that I went to the toilet four to five times, HAHA. Too much water, make me wanna pee instead of vomiting.

HAHA, luckily we came in not so late. Cos if we came in just a minute late, I think we would be soaked with soap from head to toe. YESSSS, they're spraying soap at Raffles Place as welll! And we were seated near the door, and people coming in are being sprayed and we kena some also. LOL, suay or what, but it's fun. HEHE, the ladies outside sprays at whatever people walking pass 12 Element. LOL, so fun la. I also wanna spray, without being sprayed. HAHA. We went out to take a breather for a while and when i walked past a shop or something, someone came out with a spray and I totally jumped out of his way. LOL, I thought he was gonna spray at me or something, but turned out not luckily. And passerbys were like laughing at me la, even Jasmine! AHHHH. HAHA. Went in afterwards and Monkey, Xiaojun and I missed the countdown. But messages are booming in like crazy, luckily no laggys this time. People are spraying soap all over the place, even inside 12 Element. And I'm scared of molesters! AHHH.

Finished the tower of beer and my face was damn hot and red alr. LOL, we went out to grab a bite and sit beside the Singapore River. Xiaojun almost kicked her shoe into the river. HAHA, too drunk ahh! Monkey, Xiaojun and I did alot of stupid stuffs. We said Merry Christmas to all the passersby. And we're like hugging each other when we walk, then when monkey falls, all of us falls as well. HAHA, and I almost sprained my ankle a few times, but I didnt la. We went to the mrt station toilet and we're singing ,"I know you want me, you know I want ya..." ALL THE WAY. HAHA, and many other funny funny songs.

Then we walked to Esplanade and taxi-ed to Yishun dam. I remember the place, seriously. I miss that place. I used to fly kites there with my sisters and Ahgong. He used to bring us there a few times each year. But not anymore now. It was very windy and cold over there, WHICH IS WHY I'M SICK NOW, flu and cold. Slacked for awhile and taxi-ed to Jasmine's place. We were all so tired, I swear. We just changed, washed our faces and slept. Okay fine, only I slept. -,- The rest of them were playing poker cards, but i'm soooo tired.

I woke up in between times to check the time and whether everyone is asleep. Then Xiaojun and I decided to leave at around 12.30pm because we had to be home.

3 days chalet tomorrow, but think I'll only be able to make it to one day. I try to please my mum somemore okay? HEHE.

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