Monday, December 28, 2009

Lol, I decorated this. I know it's fugly la, but it's been a long time since I last decorated a print k. Bleh :P

AHH, I didnt do my homework today and I'm still left with 8 of them. Yea 8! ): I have no idea how I'm gonna finish it, but history is my last priority. Cos everytime I did it diligently, the teachers didnt ask for it. I dont know if I'm being smart this time, but I'll only do them when I have the time. My mother is bringing my siblings and I to Malaysia tomorrow, yea and there goes another day to finish my homework. But Xinlerk persuaded me to go by saying the first week when school reopens, the teachers wont ask for homeworks. I was like, "ARE YOU SURE?" She said yes, cos we had to do introductions, and it's introduction to all the subject teachers, and most of us have like only around one subject each week. So I'll be going to Malaysia tomorrow. ANW, I found people who havent started alot of their homeworks like me, so I find myself quite safe. HEHE, die together.

Oh oh, and I realised that I'm starting to call my elder sister Xinlerk. LOL, K la, it's normal. But I dont usually call her by her name, normally by jiejie or something. HAHA, even during trainings, when she doesnt respond when I call her jiejie, I'll call her Xinlerk. Think i'm used to it already. Wonder if I'll call my younger sister by her name sometime, btw she's called Xintien. :D

ANW, went to school to buy my sister's books today. The damn security guard is such a nag, seriously la. He asked if anyone in the car is a formal student of WRSS, and I knew my sister and I cant lie to him because OBVIOUSLY he recognise us. From everytime we go in and out of school during our lunch break when we have trainings in the school holidays. So we said ya, and he said we cant leave the car in case the principal sees us and the one that gets scoldings will be the guards. Speaking about principal, I heard that Mr Clement Lim is the vice-principal next year. Mr Rumi left school, it was mentioned that he was just here temperory as well before during assemblies. I thought having Mr Lim as a principal is not such a bad idea, he's great! :D BUT, I thought Mr Siva could qualify for it as well. Hmm, I dont know how they choose la, but either of them is great anyway. HAHA, at least everytime I see them they're doing something I find a good teacher would do. LOL, so I'm quite looking forward to next year already. Esp with our new vice-principal (:

Oh yaya, back to the guards. Eventhough the guards said Xinlerk and I cant leave the car, duhhhh of course we didn't care. But he flew *almost* here and chased us into the car. LOL, and I just pretended I wasn't one of them and escaped. So bought books and uniforms. HAHA, while buying the school books, my mother realised she didnt have much cash with her. And she dug out every cent out of her pockets and only found $134 + a few cent only. LOLLL, end up we have to minus a few books from her booklist which she will have to buy them only when the school reopens. HAHA, we were so funny counting the cents and everything. When we told my mother that we didn't have enough money, she dug deeper into her pockets and found... 10cents -,- LOLLLLLLL man.

So we went to AMKhub , my mother go press money and we went to shop around. First things first, eat! HAHA, then we went to buy some other stuffs and headed to DAISO. LOLLL, I almost spelt it as 'DIAOS', kk lame. HAHA, but so funny. Bought some cheap cheap stuffs, oh wait, everything at daiso ARE cheap. LOL, then bought subway and went home.

BTW, my brother is being pervy nowadays. VERY PERVY, i mean he's always pervy but more nowadays. And my sisters said he once said 'ta-ma-de' once when one of them annoyed him, he said it infront of my mother somemore. Haiyoooo, bad boy!

LOL, I being super random in this post. But I suddenly thought of something random again. I promise it's the last random thing in this post k. I just suddenly remember a conversation I had with Sufei,
Me: You fatty la
Sufei; What I fatty, I where got fat lo, is fit okay.
Me: LOL, you sure not. You damn fat one la, fatty fatty fatty.
Sufei: What, if I fatty then you what? Thinny!
Me: HAHAHAHA? Wth is thinny, it's skinny la.
Sufei: Oh ya hor, i forget ma. Cos you call me fatty then I call you thinny lo.

LOLLLLL? I swear it's the funniest thing Sufei ever said to me la. Maybe there will be more to come, but who knows? He is soooo, k, i feel like using the word 'stupid', but forget it. Cos his maths is ON PAR with me. YES, ON PAR. LOL. Okay, I think that's alllll.

Damn la, those that read my blog are not tagging. And I know one of them is YOU! YES YOU!

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