Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Had a friendly match with Chung Cheng High Yishun yesterday, it was not bad I think. Won one out of six sets. K means overall we lost, but I think it's okay la, cos we CAN and WILL win them. :D Coach talked to me, aww, something bad again. LOL, but nevermind la. Sometimes she keep assuming that what she think is right, and I wanna say that it's not what she thought, but then something will hold me back, cos I dont want the talk to go on and on and on. HAHA, k la, not saying she naggy la, just that I know exactly what she's gonna say already.
Went to school to buy books early in the afternoon today. Went to school in sports attire, plus slippers. HAHA, and the security guards were like checking us, and Xinlerk and I hide our legs under the chair. When he asked about our shoe, I said, "School shoes." HAHA, stupid dumbo la he. Anw, so what if he caught us wearing slipper? Unless he's Mrs Kok. Lol,, went there at 12.30pm, and the Auntie will be back only at around 12.45pm. So we stayed inside the car and chatted with my mum. Aww, she told us many things. Many many things about her family, alot of problems. Aiya, every family have problems. But I have no idea that those drama series could actually happen in real life as well, I was damn shocked when I heard her story. My mum was so agitated at the thought of her past that she cried. She said she want us to learn from a real life example, and not be the next stupid person. I love you mum, dont cry :D
After buying the school books, went home, get changed and headed to Yishun to join Xiaojun, Jasmine and Monkey. They gonna ton, but I not joining them. I didnt forget the friendly match with Xinmin tomorrow :D Then after eating, playing and whatever at Jasmine's place, we went to Monkey's place to play mahjong. We played for damn long la, so long that we got so tired and hungry. But we had to wait for Bryce, he took damn long to reach man. I was super bored and hungry, I swear I almost slept. After dinner at the hawker centre, Bryce Jasmine and Xiaojun send me to the bus stop.

And there's this weird guy that keep talking to us like we're friends for many many years -,-
Jasmine: What bus you taking?
Me: 969 and 858
Weirdo guy: 969 and 858, same as me lo. Then we can board the bus together, you follow me can already. [what the shit]
Me: Er, but I dont know you.
Weirdo guy: Nevermind la, you boarding same bus as me anw.
Me: But I dont wanna board the same bus as you.
Weirdo guy: I help you see whether bus come already or not. *Yakyakyakyakyakyak~*
Me: *points to my foreheard and draw circles*
Then bus 969 came, weirdo guy went running for the bus and look at me, like wanting me to follow. And I gave him the disgusted look followed by the -,- face. Then he waved to me frantically on the bus, wth la. So erxin, he look like some primary school kiddo, but trust me, he talk like a cheekopek man. Even auntie also scared of him lo.
Reached cwp, met sister brother and mum, and went home.

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