Wednesday, December 30, 2009

heyheyhey, went to Malaysia with my siblings and my mother today. Went to a shop after our lunch, the shop sells all the girls stuffs and at very very cheap prices. Even a watch there sells for only RM11, which is around $5. But I didnt get one, the wrist size is too big for me, it's really nice though. Moreover, i think it would be a waste of money if i get one, because I hardly ever wear watches. We bought some stuffs for new year and headed to an Indian barber shop to get a new haircut for my brother.

Lol, my brother damn funny one la. He keep smiling at himself in the mirror. The barber shop have very big and nice mirrors. It almost covered the whole walls la. Then there was once when the barber wanted to take a knife to trim the sides of my brother's hair, we were so afraid it would hurt or something. So we keep asking my brother if he's in pain or what, but turned out he thinks it's itchy, so he keep fidgeting. LOL. We asked for the barber to style a hair for my brother and it turned out quite nice but my mother didnt like it. I just realise my brother doesnt like to gel his hair, the indian man helped to gel his hair and he keep on saying,"Okay okay", in a expression like "it's enough, you should stop putting those sticky thing on my hair, you're spoiling everything." HAHA, and he asked us to help him remove those gel when we got into the car.

Went to TESCO and JUSCO shopping mall, didnt buy anything special because the shops there are no different from Singapore stores. With those Topshop, Guess, Mango mng, Roxy, and everything, very expensive stores. It kind of resembles the Vivocity in some parts. Didnt buy anything and we just bought our school shoes and went on to have our dinner.

YAY, I love the dinner. Everything hot and spicy, yummy. Amazingly we finished everything even without our father. LOL, cos normally there will be leftovers to stuff him with. Nothing much and we went home. Btw, JUSTARTS are great tarts! :D

I think I will have to stay at home for the next few days, and i think everyone's staying at home too. Cos they gotta do their homeworks and finish them before the school reopens! AHH, I dont trust rasyidah. She asked me out to do homework and I'm not gonna trust her anymore. LOL, cos everytime our plan to do homeworks always end up playing psp, or going to those usual places to slack and chat and doing silly stuffs, esp with Zena and the others around. HAHA, never ever get any peace. God, miss them already.

Oh ya, my brother is being very naughty today. He keep wanting to play those moving cars in those shopping malls where you have to put a dollar coin in them to make them move. Ya, he keep hopping onto any he happens to see them around the street or something you know. And there was this car we saw, that he hopped on immediately and refuses to budge, mother have no choice so she let him take ONE ride. Yes, only one. So he was riding happily away, and we were waiting for him annoying. And I swear that stupid machine took more than 5 minutes. It was so irritating that I slamed the car with my right hand and the car stopped. My brother was super angry, lol. He keep scolding me for spoiling the car, but I didnt do it on purpose. In fact I thought I saved the day leh. LOL, imagine how long we would have been waiting if I didnt hit the stupid machine. HAHA.

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