Monday, November 30, 2009


(From top left)
Jovena, Huda, Daphne, Kristina, Siewming,
Xinpei, Kevin, Zarfan, Ishrak and Albert
Siewming, Albert and I are the Group I/Cs for this group.

Lol, I dont know where the hell I went.

During the Bob the Builder Challenge.

During the Wet Chair Crossing Challenge.

Solomen's Group
(The winner of the Talent Show)
They were acting on how teamwork can help them win the game.

LAMO's performance.
Cant really hear them, the microphone was faulty.

WDP SC '06 Alumni's performance.

And now it's our turn! HAHA.
We sang Barney I Love You Song,
Sorry Sorry.

Serence, asking them nicely to go to sleep. Lol.

Wenxuan played with my phone -,-

Telematch games as morning exercises the next morning.
K, I finally have the energy to post. Lol, dont worry guys. I'm MUCH MUCH better, I'll be ready to go for this Saturday's training. Just that I have to apply eyedrops every 3 hours, I have no idea how to survive it through. LOL.
Okay, back to the SC Camp. We had a meeting in the morning at 10am on Friday, The Amusing Hunt Game was a mess, but we finally settled with it afterwards. We were excused for one hour to do the work, like printing, pasting those crosswords around the school etc. Then the young SCs finally arrive, haha. I think Group 6 rocks.
Lol, we introduced ourselves and everyone had to remember everyone else's names. After everyone remembered each other's names, we had to add an adjective infront of your own name, but the adjective had to be of the same spelling as your name. And that is hard for me because my name start with 'X'. So we called for help, we went like ,"MR NG! MAX! MR NG! MAX!" (Max was the overall in charge because he is handicapped. HAHA) And Mr Ng suggested, "eXciting Xinpei" LOL. And Siewming's was Sexy Siewming. Then we had another problem again, Zarfan's name starts with a 'Z'. Lol, so we went like HELP HELP again, and gave Zarfan a nickname, "Arfan" LOLLLLL. Moved on to the next game.
Guess you'al know how to play la. Everyone had to stand on the newspaper without stepping outside it or tearing the paper. They did well in this one I think.
With their shoes off and standing on the bench, the kids have to rearrange themselves in the way we want them to without talking in 1min. To add to the thrill, or to quicken them up, we splash water on them. HAHA, Siewming and I went crazy splashing them until Mr Ng came and said, "Too much water." HAHAHA. We arranged them according to Height, Weight, Foot size, size of index finger (Siewming wanted middle initially), hair length etc.
Each group had to build a container with the following items: A plastic sheet, straws, cloth, scissors and scotch tape, to contain water from point A to point B. We kept modifying the rule until they could use whatever they have. And one group won because a guy went to store the water in his mouth and spit it in the bottle -,- LOL, but great work to LAMOS! :D
This game rocks la, the kids were having lots of fun sliding on their butts on the wet chair. Lol, they only said it hurts while bumping to the opponents butt. HAHA, this game is quite hard to explain so I think forget it. LOL, it looks fun la, I see alr also wanna play lo. There was a moment when the opponent only left one person to cross and we left two members, and Jovena was like strolling from the other end over here and I see the guy gonna win alr, so I itchy butt go sit on the chair. And BOOOOOM, he crashed into me and I hit the ground like smack la. So funny lo, he's a big guy okay!
This game is conducted in the AVA room, and sad! Group I/Cs can't enjoy the aircon with them! I didnt know what happen inside but the kids had to be blindfolded with trash paper before being led into the room. Heard alot of screaming while we were waiting. When they came out, they were complaining that it was cold scary and dirty as they had to kneel on the floor, their knees are all black.
I get to join in the game as our group was short of one member. HAHA, so fun la. In this game, the person with the ball can tag the opponent players on the back. Once tagged, the person is out. And the group with the most survivors win! WE WON LAMOS! :D
Lol, I had to brief the students. I havent even finished with my briefing then they start alr. And the game totally screwed up la, only my beloved group 6 think it rocks. That's why I love them, gettit? In this race right, we can just see which group have no teamwork at all! In the first WORD HUNT, there are already groups wanting to give up for they cannot find the last letter to 'TOGETHER AS ONE". But in my game rule, there is no option for giving up, cos I never thought they would choose to give up la. So i know lo, next time I shall give this option. And I gave them a choice, if they want to give up, they had to stay on the spot for 5mins, and they didnt even want to do that. Chongwei suggested we let them to the second round, k fine, but it's so unfair because some of the groups actually finished the word hunt. Resilience, great job to those who managed to finish the word hunt.
Then it's the PICTURE HUNT. They had to figure out a clue given to them, the clue will lead them to a place where they will find a crossword puzzle. They had to finish the crossword puzzle then hand in to me and then I will give them the next clue to the MAN HUNT. And one of the group couldnt find their crossword puzzle. Wth? Some cleaners took it I think, so they could just proceed to the man hunt, so unfair for those who took time to finish the puzzle la! But nevermind, our fault for not preparing extras.
Then to the MANHUNT, the group I/Cs had to hide in a particular place and their members have to go find them. And some I/Cs didnt even hide? Lol la, I was so pissed then la. It's like whatever I planned just suck because of incooperative people la. Then the group who didnt do much in the race came in second -,- UNFAIR UNFAIR!
LAMOS decided to do 'Dont Forget The Lyrics' show. Cool choice. I wasnt doing much la, I was blowing the bubble tube that I told my group I would give the best member. LOL, but I played with it mysef, so I'm the best member. HAHA, can see the kids so disappointed la. Sorry! :D
Yummy! It's Pizzahut and KFC dinner! HAHAHA, sorry I blurted out the surprise to my group 6. I didnt know it was a surprise laaa. Stupid Siewming, keep saying Wenxuan and I having an affair which is so not true!!!
Yucks, Siewming and Jozoe never shower. Smelly smelly! HAHAHA.
Went to the AVA Room. However Alumni 07 and 08 were outside practising for our item, so funny. LOL. We did great I think :D Congrats to Solomen's group for winning the show. Then it's the CATEGORY GAME. There was one category that says, 'HAHAHA'. I was in that category, so is wanxin. I thought the game is something to do with the one who can laugh easily or something, but turn out must say the funniest joke or something. I can admit defeat la, I say the jokes everyone will give me a face one. Aiya, 0708 Alumni group didnt win any category. LOL.
We didnt sleep! We ton-ed the whole night and it was awesome! We chatted alot, throught he night, we even got to watch sunrise. LOL? We drank Pepsi to keep us awake, i didnt remove my contact lenses, that's how I got the ulcers and everything okay. But it's fun! We talked about ghost stories. LOL, and scared the shit out of wenxuan until he dont dare go toilet.

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