Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Woahh, wth?
Uhuhhhh? LOL.
Rasyidah: Argh, stupid pants won't come off. But I'll still smile for the camera, cheeeeeeeeese!
Shafiq: Woah, Rasyidah is stripping. *eyes popping out, saliva dripping*

Xiaojun helping to push these two little girls, I joined in after awhile.
I took this while I was on the swing, not bad right! HAHA.

The fish braid I tied for Xiaojun, and she messed up my hair with HER fish braid which came out disastrous, as usual. LOL.
Xiaojun, HAMTARO!
SITI rasyidah, miniboss! LOL.
&not forgetting CLIQUES!
"Wth are they doing, but it looks fun!"
So I joined in :D
Hookay, think straight.
This photo is so nice, but sorry la, my head cannot turn like an owl.
Farhan: Shafiq, stop acting cute.
Rasyidah and I were grabbing each other's hands. LOL.
This may look stupid but it's so nice.
We're actually holding our hands inside the tunnel we made.

LOL, I suggested this. It's so cool la, I swearrrr.

The springy thing at Canberra Park.

Woohoo, Cliques went to Sembawang Park today. Kind of like also celebrating Dillon's birthday :D People who went: Rasyidah, Xiaojun, Farhan, Zena, Esther, Dillon, Shafiq, Max and I.
Met up at CWP and we took the MRT then bus 882 to Sembawang Park. Settled on a spot near the jetty. And Rasyidah, Farhan and Shafiq started taking off their jeans, LOL. HAHA, I'm amazingly surprised that Sembawang Park's sea water is very clean! But sadly noone wants to get into the water as the toilet is dirty.
Farhan went to entertain a stray cat and Xiaojun and I went to play with the swings at the playground. Chatted for awhile and decided to go back. When I go back, Shafiq made the cat run towards me. So I decided I shall just grab some food and go back to the playground. HAHA, but it started to rain, no swing for us. Went back and helped to shift the stuffs under a tree.
Shafiq, Rasyidah and Farhan started creating deltas for the water to flow from the tree down, like river like that. And I went to destroy it, the water dried up after a while, I think the sand absorb it or something and the rain grew stronger then lighter. Farhan and I was singing the rain rain go away song before that. LOL. Then Farhan and Shafiq started making this stupid tunnel thing and they wanna reach each other through the tunnel. [PS: The tunnel was supposedly created for the cat -,- LOL.] And Farhan started poking the sand with a wood and it looks wrong, VERY wrong. I caught in down in video, so check in out in the next post.
And when they finally got through and is able to reach between to touch each other's hand, Dillon suggested making it a four way tunnel. LOL, and so they started making another two tunnels at the sides, and I JOINED IN. HAHA, I dug it with my fingers. Then I used the wood to poke through, it's all thanks to me lo. HAHA. and Rasyidan, Farhan, Shafiq and I reached out to each other's hands in the tunnel. It was so fun, like Racial Harmoney Day like that, just that dont have a Caucasian or something. LOL. Then I poked a hole in the meeting point so that we can see you know. HAHA, so fun la.
Then played awhile on the beach and we headed to McDonalds. Rasyidah Xiaojun and I bought a cake at CWP for Dillon, it's Strawberry Shortcake. Xiaojun had blisters on her leg and her shoe is wet, so I lent her one of my slipper for her leg with the blister, and we went around walking with only one shoe -,- I dont think many people see us like that, hopefully. LOL. By the time we went to McDonalds, the cake was partially destroyed la, but it survived the storm. HAHA, so it's better than nothing. Zena got the McDonald's staff to sing Happy Birthday song with us to Dillon! AND THAT, IS WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY COOL AND SPECIAL. It was great. And everyone grabbed a fork and started eating the cake.
After that we went to Arcade and burnt a hole in Xiaojun's and Rasyidah's pocket. Xiaojun and I played the basketball machine, we managed to get into the third round! Woohoo, but the machine sucks. The ball keep bouncing out one, so irritating. Then went to race Rasyidah, Shafiq and Dillon on the racing car machine. HAHA, I got second! WOOHOO, won Rasyidah. Then I got first on the next round. But following that I got third then second. LOL, beginner luck I think. Then Xiaojun bought her shoe, and we bought a matching shoe as well. HAHA, cute righttttttt!
Headed to Canberra Park after awhile, and Xiaojun messed with my hair. And I went around looking like somebody that just woke up and didnt bother to comb my hair -,- Farhan taught us how to play with the springy thing, we had to jump on it and it's so fun and tiring. Farhan think it's more tiring than sex! HAHAHA. Pervy blacky. Played with the spring again and went to the slides to gossip. Same old gossips about same old peoplesss. Whatever said there, stays there. So I wont leak out any loopholes. HAHA.
Then went over to the shelter to gossip again. Walls have ears, no mouth. So is anyone were to know about our gossips, hiakhiak, means someone's gotta be out of Cliques. Yea, OUT OF MY GANG. HAHA. We burned paper plates to get rid of the mosquitoes. I killed on for Farhan. I'm itching all over now from all the mosquito bites.
Home sweet home now, I was so scared to go home just now.

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