Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Er, sorry guys. I won't be posting for awhile cos, some of you may have heard, my right eye had cornear infection as I did not remove my contact lenses after 24hrs. K, serve me right, but I think I seriously suay after max said that he wore his for over 30hrs and even slept with it on -,- Lol, k. I posting this because I dont want to repeat again. Not that I'm annoyed la, but save time ok. But thanks for those concerns, I really appreciate them, especially from my family members :D

My right eye had 4 ulcers and fungus in it. Hopefully the fungus is not harmful so operation is not needed. I had to go to TTSH for daily eye check and need to be excused from training for at least 2 weeks. Ya, see this? I'm kissing my own volleyball position goodbye. *muacks* -,-

This infection ruined all my plans la. You know I had a dinner with my paternal side family to celebrate my grandparent's, twin cousins, and brother's birthday. (All in the same month.) And I missed it, I stayed alone at home instead. And now my mother, sisters and brother went to my yeye house for holiday, and I still had to stay at home. Seriously, what am I gonna do at home for 2 weeks? Homework? Still left alot.

Max, Wanxin and Chongwei came to see me yesterday. Thanks! Haha, was quite fun eventhough we didnt do anything. At least got people accompany me la, but surely they cant possibly accompany me for 2 weeks everyday la.

And oh, btw. I AM NOT HAPPY TO MISS TRAINING OKAY, even those endurance and gym trainings. Cos it's far more better than rotting at home, or.. doing homework -,- And I will post about the SC Camp very very late okay. Because there's so much to say that I dont think my stupid eye can tahan, and I can refresh those camper's memory about it also. Haha, I'm definitely looking forward to next year's camp, eventhough we cant ton anymore la. I think it's my fault, hehe, cos they say I was sleeping during the debrief. Not fair la, I didnt even know I was sleeping la! Anw, best camp I had :D

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